Praveen Jeph – CEO

Praveen is a passionate blog writer for Anime, Movie News and Spoilers. He is an anime geek fan. He loves reading manga and watching anime during his free time. His favorite anime and manga series are One Piece and The Promised Neverland. If you have any query or want to contact me just drop an email at [email protected]

Gitanjali Mishra

I am a big book nerd. I am addicted to novels and can’t live without them. My favourite genre is fantasy and mystery/thriller. I am a 20 year old science enthusiast. Follow me on Facebook!

Manish Kumar

I am a passionate blogger who continuously searches for new things and the one who likes to explore. Follow me on Facebook!

Sahil Kumar

Hello, my name is Sahil, I love Dragon Ball and everything geek, I write about Geek Culture on DiscoverDiary. Follow me on Facebook!