The Best Anime Shows – Don’t Miss Out on Watching These


See the 20 Best Anime You Can't Miss Watching
Image source: Aficionados

Similar to our previous entry, Berserk is a dark and twisted fantasy affair which follows the gloriously bloody and unrelentingly gory misadventures of the aptly-named Guts. Unlike some of the other titles on this list, Berserk proudly wears its Western influences on its sleeve. You’ll encounter Medieval castles and meet wandering knights, though neither will be as romantic as they appear in The Canterbury Tales. Regardless, if dark Medieval fantasy is your thing, or you found the lack of beheadings in the later seasons of Game of Thrones disappointing, then Berserk is probably the anime for you. Also, it was one of the primary inspirations for the Souls series of video games. Enough said.

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