Check Out the Most Beloved Anime Characters of All Time

Not all anime shows represent lovable, or even likable, characters to their full reach and success. Anime thrives by bringing complex, difficult personalities to viewers.  Even this disillusioned genre can’t resist but show beloved anime characters that viewers never hate. Their appealing characteristics make them ideal prospects for anime characters deserving of sequel series.  Both … Read more

One Punch Man Chapter 123

One Punch Man Chapter 123: ENW Vs Child Emperor, Release Date

This was an amazing chapter and it had cool pages in the fight. This chapter reveals that many current S-Class heroes did way less job than any other hero, the difference is they possess unparallel strength. Darkshine was even at the literal bottom of the rank. We were just told their power was all that … Read more

One Punch Man Chapter 122

One Punch Man Chapter 122: Darkshine Vs Garou, Release Date

One Punch Man Chapter 121 is out and the hype we got in this chapter was incredible. As we all expected, we returned to the Monster association base for this chapter. Fans are wondering with which fight will Murata continue in One Punch Man Chapter 122? Hopefully, he will continue both, but it would really … Read more

One Punch Man Season 3

One Punch Man season 3 release date, Studio details

Based on the manga series by ONE and Murata, the One Punch Man anime has had popularity with both Japanese and Western fans and recently covered up its 2nd season. Where One Punch Man’s first season centered on building the core characters of Saitama, Genos and the Heroes Association, OPM season 2 went towards a … Read more

The Mysterious Origin Of One Punch Man- Saitama

The Mysterious Origin Of One Punch Man- Saitama There are various different Strange Beings in the universe of One Punch Man. For example the Aliens following the lead of Lord Boros, the Sky, Sea & Underground Peoples and their Lords, the artificially shaped and altered humans, the mythological beings and few others that don’t go … Read more