‘Dragon Ball Super’ [Spoiler’s] Elimination Confirmed

Dragon Ball Super is proceeding to the conclusion of the Tournament of Power, with only two episodes left in this anime story arc. Those decisive two episodes will all be on one thing, and one thing only: the final fight between Goku and Jiren! New spoilers of Dragon Ball Super’s last episode have exposed that … Read more

Dragon Ball Super Episode 131 Different Ending Confirmed

During an Official interview with DBS director Ryota Nakamura, This conversation was issued on the Official Site of DBS in Japanese which was next explained by Herms98 in English. UI goes into action in episode 129, and everyone’s really interested in what will appear in the last two episodes, but…?! Ryota Nakamura: I’m certain most of us … Read more

Akira Toriyama Confirms ‘Dragon Ball Super’ Will Continue

This month we will see Dragon ball Super’s final episode appear as Son Goku and Jiren the Grey wrap their match at the Tournament of Power, though that isn’t going to be the ending of Dragon Ball Super. Toei Animation has verified there is further left in reserve for the franchise. Recently, we have informed … Read more

The Seven Deadly Sins Episode 9 Spoilers

The new episode of the Seven Deadly Sins will be airing soon. In the earlier episode, Diane was defended by Matrona, who is a brand-new character that has been included in the series. Plus, we got to recognize the reason why Meliodas’ power was taken apart from him by Merlin. The purpose was really simple, … Read more

Dragon Ball Super Universe 7’s [Spoiler] Is Dead, Not Android 17

Dragon Ball Super will soon unveil what befalls to Frieza while Universe 7’s Son Goku and Universe 11’s Jiren The Grey battle one-on-one in this Tournament of Power. There are just two episodes left before DBS Tournament of Power officially gets to a conclusion. One of the mysteries currently generating debate among DBS fans is … Read more

Dragon Ball Super Episode 130 Spoilers Revealed Something Huge

During this final week, the Dragon Ball Super Community is hit with few mind-boggling spoiler or some speculation. Dragon Ball Super Episode 130 is on its way and we will prove, whether these Speculation/Spoilers are true or not. Still, I’m not certain if these spoilers are real or not, also they don’t have any credible … Read more

Mastered Ultra Instincts Goku Full Body Images Revealed

As Dragon Ball Super nears the highly awaited episode 129 this week, we’re rising to get more and more new promo pictures of Goku in his new form Perfect Ultra Instinct. Goku Full Body Mastered Ultra Instincts Photo This artwork will poise the cover of this Super Dragon Ball Heroes binder pocket merchandise. While it’s just promo … Read more

One Piece Creator Eiichiro Oda Shared Grown-Up Luffy Designs

It is hard to guess what your favorite anime hero looks like all aged up. Most of us may make fun of characters like Ash[Pokemon] for their youth, but it’s comfortable to stay a teen than to become an adult in the manga. The key to a shonen existing a long life comes down to … Read more

DBS Heroes Revealed Name Of Vegeta’s Latest Transformation

Vegeta’s Latest Transformation There are few things more annoying to a Dragon Ball fan than uncertainty. The franchise has a faithful global fandom that’s really hard to swing, but Son Goku does make his fans twitchy when their mysteries remain unanswered. The delayed info is kept from fans, the long-drawn they panic, and Vegeta is … Read more