PS4 Connect to iPhone or iPad

Way to Connect PS4 Controller To iPhone or iPad

The gaming world has been transformed by the advent of technology. VR gaming has taken over the real world playtime. There are several gaming brands in the market with their set of audience and game lovers. iPhone, as we all know, never fails to amaze its users. It is already working to win over the … Read more

Fallout Superfan Smartwatch

The Official Fallout Smartwatch Is Now On Sale

Fallout Smartwatch was first announced by One61 and Bethesda back in the month of November 2018. The watch is a unique masterpiece, with different types of watch face options. It also includes fitness and health monitors and also features integration with both iOS and Android. At the time of its announcement, it went for a … Read more

PlayStation 5 New Details

PS5 (PlayStation 5) New Details Leaked, News, Release Date

Sony is now being tight-lipped about specific plans for the PS5. However, a product code for the latest AMD custom silicon designed for Sony’s PlayStation 5 has been leaked online. Subscribe to our Reddit community for more Updates. The key specs that have got out of the decoding of the alphanumeric sequence (2G16002CE8JA2_32/10/10_13E9) display a CPU part … Read more