Apex Legends Wraith all ability

Apex Legends Wraith all abilities explained

If you are all familiar with Respawn’s Apex Legends, you will now understand how the gameplay rotates around the usage of unusual characters with unparalleled abilities. One of these legends is Wraith, a woman with the gift to hear and employ the void to her advantage. Apex Legends characters & classes are, unlike its battle … Read more

Mirage APex abilities

Apex Legends Mirage all abilities explained

Apex Legends is full of exciting characters with their individual freakish abilities and characters that place them apart. Each character is filled for a specific playstyle and Mirage is best suited for the ones who love to mislead their enemies. Mirage is the sort of person who wants to stand out. The youngest of 4 … Read more

Bangalore character abilities

Apex Legends Bangalore abilities explained

Apex Legends’ Bangalore is a Legend that’s been created for battle, and will surely satisfy players who are looking for a moderately casual FPS character. Apex Legends characters & classes are, unlike its battle royale equivalents, a notable middle part of the game. There are 8 classes in-game at the start, with six already opened … Read more

Apex Legends Vs Fortnite

Apex Legends: Why it is the best replacement for Fortnite?

Apex Legends, the video game that we didn’t even know existed 1 week ago, has already gained 25 million registered players across PC, Xbox One, and PS4, later it launched on 4th February. Apex Legends is a free-to-play battle royale team shooter that rises out from the similarities of PUBG and Fortnite by concentrating on team-play and producing a type of playable characters that all have unique skills.

Apex Legends: Why it is the best replacement for Fortnite?

Fortnite fans looking for something fresh should consider Apex Legends, which sets a team-based, hero-shooter twist on the kind and assured to become a prominent contestant in the battle royale world.

Apex Legends gives free to play experience similar to Fortnite. The game directs to make all of its business from cosmetic purchases utilizing techniques very comparable to Fortnite’s. According to some news, Apex will launch its battle pass in March 2019, intended to work almost similar to Fortnite’s BP with both free & premium variants that each unlocks many cosmetics for your avatar and your weaponry.

Apex Legends is currently playable only on PC, PlayStation4 and Xbox One. Momentarily, Crossplay within the available platforms is not permitted for Apex, But Respawn has validated that the Crossplay feature will be available soon.


Apex Legends game
Apex Legends

The prominent catch of Apex is its closeness to hero shooters like Overwatch. Prior to each game, you can choose from one of 8 distinct hero characters called Legends, all of them has their own latent ability, a powerful ability on a quick cooldown & a final ability on a longer cooldown.

In merely a few short days, Apex Legends has now placed itself as a genuine rival to Fortnite’s authority. Its hero-based gameplay makes it unlike any battle royale shooter game out there, and its quick, fluid movement will hit a major with fans of Respawn’s earlier games. If you desire a fresh battle royale that places significant importance on teamwork, you’ll notice lots to relish about it.