Kingdom Chapter 637

Kingdom 637, Read Kingdom Chapter 637 Spoilers, Release Date

Kingdom Chapter 636 was a great chapter! Fans eventually got what they fancied. Finally, General Kou Chou made his appearance. Let’s see what’s Kai Oku’s plan now that he’s in face of Shun Sui Ju. He’s probably playing a bait part since there’s no point in defeating either army. The previous chapter did reveal some … Read more

Kingdom Chapter 635

Kingdom Chapter 635, Read Kingdom 635 Spoilers, Release Date

Chapter 634 came out earlier and shown us that Ou Sen army finally caught up with the Ri Boku army. However, the later used some tactics to leave them behind and finally reached at the gate of Gyou, where Kanki is waiting. The previous chapter did reveal some epic panels and we can’t wait to … Read more

Kingdom 635

Kingdom 634 Delayed, Kingdom Chapter 634 Spoilers, Raw Scans

Chapter 633 came out earlier and this was a very well told chapter, almost no single panel wasted. This chapter explained everything quickly and set everything up well so the Kingdom 634 can have some more action to go down. After so many chapters we finally saw a change of scenery, fans can’t wait to … Read more

Kingdom Chapter 634

Kingdom 633, Kingdom Chapter 633 Raw Scans, Release Date

In the year 2019-2020, Kingdom has become one of the most famous manga out there. Recently, its 632nd chapter released and it only brought good news with it. Fans have been rejoicing over the news of Kyou Kai and Shin being alive. The only thing that remains to be seen is whether this arc has … Read more

Kingdom Raw 633

Kingdom Chapter 632 Raw Scans, Spoilers, Official Release Date

Chapter 931 came out earlier, however, many fans got disappointed because of the supernatural aspects. But it was not bad, at least we get to see Shousa and Kyogai one last time. Shin talking with Hyou one last time before making general is really fitting narrative-wise. The Raw Scan of Kingdom Chapter 632 arrived online … Read more

Kingdom Chapter 635

Kingdom Chapter 630 Official Raw Scans, Release Date

Nothing major happened in Chapter 629, Shin is still dying and it seems like Kyou Kai is gonna save her using her life force. Shin is the protagonist of the series and him dying is most likely won’t happen. So, who is going to save him? will it be Kyou Kai or Hou Ken? The … Read more

Kingdom Manga Chapter 629

Kingdom Manga Chapter 629: Is Shin going to Die? Raw Scans

Chapter 628 came earlier this month where we learned that Shin is on the verge of death. Kyou Kai started crying because she thinks the life essence of Shin is twinkling. We know that Shin can’t die yet as he is the main protagonist of this series. In addition to that, Hou Ken might not … Read more

Kingdom Raw 633

Kingdom Chapter 629 Spoilers, Raw Scans, Release Date [UPDATE]

In this post, we will talk about the spoilers and release date of ‘Kingdom’ Chapter 629, which is supposed to release on 29th January 2020. Before that, let’s talk about manga’s newest chapter. In this installment, we learned that after losing Hou Ken, Ri Boku didn’t lose his morale. We, fans thought that Hou Ken’s … Read more

Kingdom Manga Chapter 629

Kingdom Chapter 628: The Strength Behind HSU, Release Date

This chapter was amazing, after all that build-up back in Bayou throughout the series up until this arc, it finally happened. Hou Ken’s glaive shattering like against Ouki is a nice touch, Hou Ken not being able to stand up to Shin’s weight, just like against Ouki and Duke Hyou, was a great parallel. Zhao … Read more

Kingdom Chapter 627

Kingdom Chapter 627: Hou Ken’s End, Ri Boku Retreats

The previous chapter was such a great nerve-racking chapter for us. The conclusion of Hou Ken’s path is going to be quite satisfying. He is a path seeker and the path he chose is that of becoming a Bushin, a martial god. By transcending humanity the entirety of mankind would transcend, that is his philosophy … Read more

Kingdom Chapter 626

Kingdom Chapter 626: Ri Boku’s decision, Will he retreat?

This is pure Kingdom, this fight right now is one of the best fights we’ve seen, even if it’s not over it can only get better. The emotional charge and the clashing ideologies are awesome, and even if we take it for granted, the art is amazing, the battle panels are full of life. Subscribe … Read more

Kingdom Chapter 629

Kingdom Chapter 625: The Climactic Battle, Official Release Date

Kingdom Chapter 624 was a great chapter! Fans eventually got what they fancied. Ouki behind Shin panels is always classic no matters how many times Hara portrays it. Subscribe to our Reddit community for more Kingdom Chapter 625 updates. Kingdom Chapter 625: The Climactic Battle There’s a lot of good discussions about Hou Ken and his philosophy. … Read more

Kingdom raw 624

Kingdom Chapter 624: Shin vs Hou Ken, Release Date

This chapter would have been better accepted if this backstory hadn’t been inserted so clumsily in the middle of the arc’s climactic fight. The arc was plenty long enough to provide opportunities for Houken’s backstory without interrupting the pacing of his arrival. Subscribe to our Reddit community for more Kingdom Chapter 624 updates. Kingdom Chapter 624: Shin … Read more

Kingdom Chapter 623 Raw Scans, Spoilers, Official Release Date

Kingdom Chapter 622 is out and it was truly impressive. According to the ‘Kingdom Vietnamese Facebook group,’ the Kingdom Chapter 623 will show us the background of Hou Ken. Kingdom Chapter 623 Raw and Scans This upcoming chapter is about Ri Boku’s memory when he first met Hou Ken. This indicates that everything in this … Read more

Kingdom 622 raw

Kingdom Chapter 622 Official Release Date, Enraged Shin

Kyou Kai fights are always complete insanity but this one is something significant. And finally, the setup is ready for Shin to show he’s the strongest here by going against Hou Ken in Kingdom chapter 622. The fight in the previous chapter itself was magnificent, and the dialogue made it even great. After watching Kyou … Read more

Kingdom 621

Kingdom Chapter 621: Kyou Kai vs Hou Ken, Official Release Date

Kingdom Chapter 620 is out online and it was an amazing chapter that ended way too fast. The focus on Kyou Kai’s sword Ryokusui is something to worry about in the Kingdom chapter 621. Hara usually doesn’t show someone’s weapon getting cracks if they don’t plan on having it breaks in battle. It’s starting to … Read more

Kingdom chapter 624

Kingdom Chapter 619 Official Release Date, Spoilers

Kingdom Chapter 618 released recently and believe me it was truly awesome. Despite everyone predicting what would happen in this chapter, Fans were pretty surprised by how it played out. The best thing about this chapter to me was Kin Mou acknowledging Ten and the Hi Shin Unit, but his pride as a soldier forbid … Read more

Kingdom 618

Kingdom Chapter 618 Official Release Date, Spoilers

Kingdom Chapter 617 is out and it is one of the best chapters in the kingdom manga in my opinion. In Kingdom chapter 618, we will see how Karyo Ten gets saved. Subscribe to our Reddit community for more latest Kingdom updates. Kingdom Chapter 618 Spoilers, Predictions Kin Mou specifically notes that she is on the frontlines, making … Read more