One Piece Chapter 931: Sanji Vs Page One

Author Oda has been waiting to draw this arc following years and that’s actually displayed in every single chapter he has drawn in the Wano arc. Now, Let’s break down & predict the events of One Piece Chapter 931.

Note: Spoiler Warning!

One Piece Chapter 931 Official Release Date

There is a break the following week, This indicates next chapter will only be delivered on February 1st.

One Piece Chapter 931: Sanji Vs Page One

The story is advancing much faster than many thought. I believe it’s pretty evident that the Big Mom pirates have not died, so it’s still likely that they appear during the fire festival later on. How could they defend themselves? I guess Prospero will use his candy to protect them from dying.


OP chapter 931

Sanji Vs Page One

I would have guessed Kaido had more composure. He appears seriously troubled about Big Mom showing up. And then all it needed was a quick sudden sweep and she’s falling in the sea. It’s exciting that the entire Big Mom pirates including Charlotte Linlin herself appeared concerned about King’s appearance. I wonder if he’s a powerhouse even amongst the highest ranks or if the 1st ranked commanders usually command such a presence that even Emperor sense at least a little intimidated.

In One Piece Chapter 931, we will most likely see Sanji fighting Page One. I really desire Sanji to wear raid suit even though he declined to ever wear it and attempted to throw it away, he’s still realistic enough to immediately make up his mind about using it. I have been expecting for Sanji to get a decent 1 on 1 fight forever and I thought Whole Cake Island Arc was his time, but it appears like Oda was preserving it for something special. We have to wait for One Piece 931 to see if Sanji in raid suit is either going to look cool or Germa gave him a goofy form as an insult.

Did anyone else like seeing Kaido baffled at the thought of Big Mom truly getting into Wano? This is still just the start peoples! I’m shaking in excitement at what’s in store next!


Where To Read One Piece 931?

There are a few unofficial sites that let you read One Piece manga for free. However, even if you read the scan, please support the official release by remaining for the official release, which will help the One Piece anime & manga community.




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