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We, at Discover Diary, are looking for people who are interested in writing about Anime/Comics/TV-Series/Manga/Hollywood. You can write for us and your articles will be seen by thousands of people, daily!

Permanent positions.

Currently, we are exploring permanent crew members who can engage in writing on a consistent basis for us and spread the message. You must strive to have a consistent authorship schedule and hold to it – whether this is once a day or once a week, or anything in mid, is up to you. You must be able to interact with the editorial team somewhat frequently. This is normally done through social media & email. You must have a passion to expand the information about the group, & encourage your fellow team members. We require someone who fancies writing regarding what they enjoy, & who has admiration for others, along with a sharpness to make new companions & grow networks.

You should let us grasp what your fields of expertise are. We support all our authors to pen in any genre they like, though it helps each author to have a centre section. It also serves greatly to understand if you’re able to quickly write news reports as & when news gets out, and if you’re able to record on events.

Currently, we explore more writers in the fields of Anime, Games and Comics.


You do NOT need:

  • Any expert writing experience.
  • A completely perfect grip of the English language–we have few editors for that.

If you have something you’d want to speak, we’re glad to hear from you too. Again, simply contact us on the form below & allow us to know what you’d want to cover.

If you’re comfortable with the above & desire to join the Discover Diary team, we’d prefer to listen from you.

Write for Us!

Write For Us!