COD Mobile: Features of the Game and How to Get Free CP

Gun-wielding soldiers, intergalactic war, bloodthirsty zombies — Call of Duty (COD) is a franchise that has consistently proven its ability to take players on a rollercoaster ride of fist-pumping action coupled with adrenaline-fueled moments.

And the latest iteration of it comes in the form of the mobile version — Call of Duty Mobile (COD Mobile). Call of Duty Mobile gives you access to some of the popular modes in the CoD series, including Zombies and a battle royale mode.


Compared to its desktop version, you’ll find the mobile game easier to play anytime, anywhere. In this article, we explain the cool features of the Call of Duty mobile game and provide some hints on how to best play with the game. Discover more below!

  • About Call of Duty Mobile
  • COD Mobile Features: A Multiplayer Game on Steroids
  • How to Play the Call Of Duty Mobile Game
  • The Weapon Features to Consider for Success
  • Pros of Call of Duty: Free Nostalgia
COD Mobile: Features of the Game and How to Get Free CP
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About Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile is the mobile game version of the computer game developed and published by the American video game developer Activision.

COD Mobile: Features of the Game and How to Get Free CP
Image Source: Unsplash

It’s a first-person shooter game where you experience charged battles with teammates and play as an iconic character from the Call of Duty: Black Ops and Modern Warfare games.


Players can compete for glory in more than 50 missions, across various locations worldwide, including Nuketown, Crash, Hijacked, Firing Range, Killhouse, and Crossfire — inspired by the classic COD computer version.

In addition to its exciting locations, the Call of Duty mobile game updates regularly with new seasons, engaging storylines, and teams. Though not the most recent release, Season 5 – Tropical Vision, allows players complete a new female-led battle pass with Oden weapons in Apocalypse.

How to Download the Call of Duty Mobile Game

Downloading from the app store is quick and easy. Simply search for Call of Duty: Mobile on your Apple Store or Call of Duty Mobile Season 6 on the Google Play Store.


Once the installation is done, you can start playing multiplayer matches against friends, foes, or solo missions to improve your skills in various ways.

You also get a COD player account to store all your gaming data, allowing you to play from any device and track your progress. Not interested in registering an account? Use the guest account and play to your desire without providing your personal information.

COD Mobile Features: A Multiplayer Game on Steroids

Based on military missions, multiplayer teamwork is at the heart of the Call of Duty franchise, and the mobile game version is no different. Join other players worldwide to complete missions together, and see just how efficient you can be in a tight-knit team.

COD Mobile: Features of the Game and How to Get Free CP
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The 5v5 multiplayer modes are broken into Core, Featured, and Practice game modes. Within the Core mode, you have missions such as Frontline, where you eliminate enemy soldier players, and the first team to reach the specified number of kills wins the game.

There’s only one game mode where you don’t play with real-life people: the Practice vs. AI mode. Here, the real players are replaced with computers while you remain the only real human on that mission. It’s pretty neat for players who aren’t comfortable playing with real people.

The microphone feature of COD allows you to communicate directly with your global teammates. This can significantly improve your gaming experience when used correctly. For example, consider joining a Clan comprised of players from across the world while also using the microphone throughout your gaming experience.

Choose Your Weapon

Looking at the myriad of weapons available in the game, Call of Duty is a battle and firearm enthusiasts’ paradise. If you go through the game store reviews and COD community groups online, you’ll find hundreds if not thousands of gun enthusiasts and owners gushing about the game.

Weapons range from guns and attachments to hand grenades and knives. Players get a primary weapon, a side weapon, and pocket grenades for each mission. Choose a primary weapon and support weapon you feel will give you the winning edge.

There are about five primary weapon guns to choose from, namely, assault, sniper, LMG, SMG, shotgun, and marksman. The more you play with a weapon, the more it upgrades in accuracy and damage. As you progress in the game, you will unlock new weapons, which will be added to your arsenal, allowing for multiple play styles!

How to Play the Call Of Duty Mobile Game

Movement and game controls are pretty basic in COD mobile. Players can slide across the left screen to move around and across the right for aiming and camera view.

COD Mobile: Features of the Game and How to Get Free CP
Image Source: Pixabay

You’ll need to pick up weapons and ammunition after you take out an enemy, and to do that, move your player to the object. You automatically collect ammo upon contact, but for weapons, an option will pop up on the screen asking if you want to switch.

When enemies appear, tap the aim button, move your crosshair in their direction, and align it with your enemy. Once they’re in your line of fire, the weapon shoots at them automatically in rapid succession with the simple firing mode.

Like in reality, bullets can run out, so tap the reload button at the bottom of your screen to reload. If there isn’t any ammo left, switch to your secondary weapon to take out an enemy and collect theirs.

Flexible Firing Modes: Simple vs. Advanced

In Call of Duty mobile, there are two firing modes, and players can choose whichever they prefer. There’s the simple firing mode and advanced firing mode.

The simple firing mode only requires players to aim their guns, and once the target is within their crosshairs, the gun fires automatically. But this mode limits auto range when hip firing. On the advanced mode, it’s a little different and more economical.

Call of Duty players who choose the advanced firing mode gets a more dynamic way of firing guns, giving them more control. For example, you’re to click the aim button to aim and fire at will without the automation of Simple mode.

The Weapon Features to Consider for Success

There are several features and add-on attachments to consider when choosing your weapon. The first is the level of Damage and how easily it kills your enemy. When you equip your gun with an attachment that increases damage, it’ll take fewer bullets to finish off the enemy.

COD Mobile: Features of the Game and How to Get Free CP
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Accuracy is the lateral recoil and bullet spread. An attachment that increases accuracy concentrates the bullet delivery closer and within the crosshairs, expanding the damage rate and reducing scope sway.

The Range of your weapon refers to how far a bullet can go and the damage reduction degree. Range attachments enable you to shoot your enemies from farther distances and ensure a lower damage reduction within the same distance.

Other features to look out for are accuracy, mobility level, control, ADS speed, precision sight, ADS bullet speed accuracy, hip-fire accuracy, and more.

Tips for COD Mobile Gaming Triumph

Call Of Duty mimics military situations and missions. You’ll hear commands, be able to talk to your teammates over the audio feature, hear gunshots, and know when your teammates die.

Amid all that chaos, the best thing you can do to win is to stay calm, think tactically and map out your strategy. Then, use the microphone to communicate the best methods to defeat the enemy and maximize your armory with your teammates.

Pros of Call of Duty: Free Nostalgia

As earlier mentioned, Call of Duty already has a computer game that has been running for almost twenty years. During that time, the computer game versions were paid games where players had to pay every time a season was released.

COD Mobile: Features of the Game and How to Get Free CP
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However, the mobile game version is free with only a few in-game purchases for new locations, weapon upgrades, and perks. Without those upgrades, players can still access the current season on their phones and participate in the leaderboards.

For many people who played the game before, the familiar fan-favorite locations and game modes create a nostalgic feeling within them. They’ll reminisce on their younger years and the hours spent playing the game with friends as a team.

Cons of Call of Duty: Gun Violence and Storage Issues

Given the history of gun violence in the United States, parents need to monitor the game and who their teenagers communicate with while playing. Although the game is for people aged sixteen and over, parents and guardians of teenagers should also remain mindful of the violence within the game.

In addition to the gun violence problem, the Call of Duty mobile game is one of those games that require a massive amount of storage space for it even to begin loading on your device. On Google Play, its download size is shown as 2.4GB, while it’s 2.6GB on the Apple Store.

This is quite inconvenient for anyone who doesn’t have a lot of storage space or prefers a game that doesn’t require you to download a lot with mobile data. Furthermore, for players in countries with slow internet, this is an extreme chore as it could take hours to download such large files.

COD Mobile: Features of the Game and How to Get Free CP
Image Source: Unsplash


Call of Duty Mobile is indeed a call to active military duty with its explosive graphics and community activities like the clans and latest Season 6 Missions.

Ammunition enthusiasts will enjoy the game while nostalgia awaits those who played it on their computers with friends as young kids. They’re grown up and can enjoy Call Of Duty on their mobile phone for free. Try out this shooter game today!