One Piece 977

One Piece 977 Spoilers, One Piece Chapter 977 Release Date

Chapter 976 came out earlier and after it, Kanjuro became a much more interesting character to us ever since he was revealed as a villain. It works better with his creepy design and allows him to show the full range of his abilities. So, in this post, we will talk about Kanjuro, his devil fruit … Read more

One Piece 976 raw scans

Read One Piece 976 Official Spoilers, Raw Scans, Jinbe’s Return

One Piece Chapter 976 was on a break and it is supposed to officially release on 4th April. However, the Spoilers and Raw Scans for One Piece 976 started arriving online. There are so many interesting things that happened in this chapter, and among them is Jinbe’s return. StrawHat’s helmsman finally returned to the crew. … Read more

One Piece 976

One Piece Chapter 976 Delayed, Read One Piece 976 Spoilers

Chapter 975 came out earlier and believe me it was a blast. Today we’ll be discussing the spoilers and release date of One Piece 976. We will also discuss the official sources to read One Piece Chapter 976. Note: This post contains major spoilers regarding the upcoming chapter of One Piece manga so proceed at … Read more

One Piece 975

One Piece Chapter 975, Read One Piece 975 Spoilers, Release Date

Chapter 974 came out earlier and it was a fantastic chapter that is able to link up almost every “puzzle” from the beginning of this Wano arc. After this chapter, fans are stunned with the traitor reveal. While most fans are talking about Kanjuro being revealed as the traitor. However, it seems like they left … Read more

One Piece Chapter 972

Read One Piece Chapter 972 Spoilers, Release Date

The latest chapter of One Piece was quite heartbreaking to the fans. Chapter 972 will be very interesting, as Oden’s fate lies in its hands. I’m sure you probably know what happened in the last chapter. Before continuing on with this article we must warn you. The article ahead contains major spoilers. If getting your … Read more

One Piece 976

Read One Piece 971 Spoilers, Chapter 971 Raw Scans, Release Date

Chapter 970 came out earlier and this is one of the cleanest chapters of Wano on terms of artwork. The fight had a great sense of progress to it and the panels didn’t look too loaded with information. The expression of Oden and the retainers were on the point and that makes this chapter wholesome. … Read more

One Piece Chapter 970

[UPDATE]One Piece Chapter 970 Spoilers, Raw Scans, Release Date

This last chapter came out earlier and in this article, we will talk about One Piece Chapter 970 spoilers and release date which will officially release on 2nd January. But before speculating the next chapter lets talk about Chapter 969. This was one of the best chapters of the flashback. The storytelling in this one … Read more

One Piece Chapter 969

One Piece Chapter 969 Official Raw Scans, Spoilers

One Piece Chapter 969 Raw Scans leaked online and this article will cover the leaked spoilers of the chapter. As a reminder, this post contains major spoilers for the upcoming chapter, if you want to quit this is the right time. Let’s start! One Piece Chapter 969 Raw Scans One Piece Chapter 969 Raw Scans#onepiece969 … Read more

One Piece Chapter 968

[UPDATE] One Piece Chapter 968 Raw Scans, Oden’s Return

In this article, we will discuss the spoilers, raw scans and release date of ‘One Piece’ Chapter 968, which is set to release on 19th January. Before that let’s talk about the manga’s previous installment. Chapter 967 really felt like one of, if not the greatest chapters in the series. We always knew Gold Roger … Read more

One Piece Chapter 965

One Piece Chapter 965: Void Century and Toki, Release Date

Chapter 964 came out earlier and it continued the flashback of Oden. This is already the most fabulous and impactful flashback in the entire series. So, when we get back to the present day some of the main series-arc secrets will get unveiled and it will be the Straw Hats time to leave their mark … Read more

One Piece chapter 962

One Piece Manga 962 Discussion, Official Release Date, Predictions

This chapter gave a nice contrast on Kin’emon’s character where he was ready to die for O-Tsuru this chapter, but in the present time is more committed to Oden’s cause even when his wife is in danger. It just shows the impact Oden had on him and the other scabbards. Subscribe to our Reddit community for more … Read more

One Piece Chapter 959: What Happened to the Alliance?

One Piece Chapter 959: Chapter 958 is eventually out and believe me this chapter was worth every second of the wait! With all the hype from the last few chapters, I feel content with this Chapter even though it was smaller and quieter in comparison. Chapter 959 release date If you’re waiting for One Piece chapter … Read more

One Piece 958

One Piece Chapter 958: The Flashback of Kozuki Oden

Chapter 957 was the most revealing chapter we have had in a long time. It is an exciting time to be following the series. We’re really moving into endgame territory. The last remnants of the old era will soon fall once and for all and the new era with Luffy on top will rise. Subscribe … Read more

Yonko Bounties

One Piece Latest Chapter Revealed the Yonko Bounties

Twitter user Yonkou Production recently shared the spoilers for One Piece chapter 957 and according to him ACT 3 won’t start in this chapter. Further, All the Yonko bounties are revealed and it’s shown that Blackbeard has the lowest bounty out of all the Yonko. This chapter is supposed to be the most hype chapter … Read more