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Kingdom Chapter 636 was a great chapter! Fans eventually got what they fancied. Finally, General Kou Chou made his appearance. Let’s see what’s Kai Oku’s plan now that he’s in face of Shun Sui Ju. He’s probably playing a bait part since there’s no point in defeating either army. The previous chapter did reveal some epic panels and we can’t wait to read Kingdom 637. So, in this article, we are going to discuss the events of Kingdom Chapter 637. Let me remind you guys, this post hold spoilers for the upcoming chapter proceed at your own risk.

In this chapter, Hara mentioned the total number of soldiers left. So the 80% of the Shukai Plains army that lingered behind numbered 40,000 men, which means Ou Sen took 10,000 with him. It seems like Ou Sen lost 38,000 men in the battle of Shukai Plains.


Read Kingdom Chapter 637 spoilers

It looks like they not only are using a fake supply convoy with Kai Oku but also using two existing supply lines: one crossing the Taikou Mountain Range from the Kokuyou Plains to reach Yo Tan Wa in Ryouyou and other one passing the Yellow River south of Gyou to reach Ou Sen and Kan Ki. We have to wait for Kingdom Chapter 637 to know how they will solve this issue.

They could supply Gyou via the river as Qin did 400 years ago to which others replied that the Yellow River was recognized for its chaotic nature. It could be that some parts are too dangerous while others are quite practicable, explaining how Qin accomplished in sending food to the State of Jin centuries prior. Supply through the river might reveal the chess pieces on the map presented between Ou Sen and Kan Ki in this chapter, chess pieces on the other side of the river near to Gyou that don’t seem of Ri Boku’s map of the region.

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Ou Sen would defeat Ri Boku the similar way he defeated Ouki, by something he could not comprehend and couldn’t plan to prevent. Which, when we are speaking about generals of this caliber, is also fitting.

The west is blocked by Ri Boku’s armies, a Qi supply convoy would be an act of war and would have to cross the East of Zhao. Unless of course, Hara sensei draws an even more unexpected explanation, supply craft sneaked probably through the night and hidden away until Gyou fell.

Release Date

Kingdom manga‘s upcoming chapter will officially release on 3rd April 2020. The scans will be out 2-3 days before that. There is no official website to read Kingdom online, it is available on Weekly Young Magazine, so you can support the author by buying the magazine.


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The raw scans haven’t released online yet. We will update this article if we receive any news regarding Kingdom 637. So make sure to check out this post again later. Follow our Twitter for more awesome anime/manga articles.