Kingdom Chapter 629 Spoilers, Raw Scans, Release Date [UPDATE]

In this post, we will talk about the spoilers and release date of ‘Kingdom’ Chapter 629, which is supposed to release on 29th January 2020. Before that, let’s talk about manga’s newest chapter. In this installment, we learned that after losing Hou Ken, Ri Boku didn’t lose his morale. We, fans thought that Hou Ken’s end might end this war but it isn’t. After all the miracles and amazing things that Qin manage to pull off so far was not making them winning the war yet. The war is still going on, and Ri Boku’s priority is to save Gyou. Since he can’t finish Ou Sen, so he chose to aim for the most important objective now.

Release date-

There is no mention of a break in the manga but there will be one according to the sources. Chapter 629 of ‘Kingdom‘ manga is on two weeks break. The next chapter is going to release on 29th January.


‘Kingdom’ Chapter 629 Spoilers, Predictions

Chapter 628 clarified that Ri Boku still thinks he can win, he wants to go loose Gyou from the Kanki army. The battle in the center is not even. Both Sou Ou’s army and the Hi Shin Unit have pretty much reached Riboku’s HQ already. The Zhao Army is very near its breaking point, and even their left-wing is weakened from sending reinforcements from the center.

Why does Ri Boku think he has a chance?

The damage to this battle of Shukai plains went both ways. Ri Boku thinks Zhao could afford that damages and go to Gyou and at least ignore Ou Sen’s army now, who now already severely weakened and handle them later. Now, what Ou Sen is going to do in Kingdom Chapter 629? The battle will be on the road now, with one trying to tie up the other.

Ri Boku might be able to escape but the entirety of his army is fighting with Qin forces who are so deep in their lines that even the reinforcement is involved. The only Zhao army that should be able to properly retreat is Kisui and the Zhao right wing. Ou Sen should be able to slay at least half of the Zhao center if they retreat now. Giving that Ri Boku won’t be able to organize the retreat being chased by the HSU and Aka Kin.


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Kingdom 629 raw
Shin and Hou Ken

Moreover, Shin is on the verge of death and the fire that represents his life has been twinkling for a while now. His life essence is about to get extinguished and that’s why Kyou Kai is crying. Hopefully, Shin will be resurrected in ‘Kingdom’ Chapter 629, possibly Hou Ken isn’t dead and will wake up and heal Shin back to life.

Special Remarks:

Before closing this article, chapter 629 will officially release on 29th January 2020. When we receive the Raw Scans of this upcoming chapter, we will update this article. Keep visiting DiscoverDiary for more amazing articles. If you like our content, you can always join our Discord and subscribe to our Reddit Community. Thanks!