One Piece Chapter 921 Confirmed Release Date, Spoilers

Hey, everyone! One Piece chapter 920 is eventually out and it was overall a great chapter before 2 weeks break. Oda actually has been building this up for ages, and it was near sentimental the way Kinemon recollected how they ultimately met the Strawhats over all those Arcs. So, In this post, we are going to discuss One Piece Chapter 921 spoilers and new release date. As you all now grasped this post carries heavy spoilers for the OP chapter 921, So I suggest you should move away from this post before you get spoiled. Let’s Begin!

One Piece Chapter 921 Spoilers

The Time-Time Fruit exists, and it appears that the user can just throw oneself and others into the future. How mighty the power is when it gets to battle have yet to be acknowledged, and who has this ability now appears to be the important questions.


One Piece Chapter 921 Raw

It’s somewhat interesting that Momonosuke apparently has a sister. I question if she’ll make an entrance at some point, Oda kept what occurred to her slightly vague. Also, Hiyori wasn’t thrown into the future with them, she seemingly survived the past 20 years, or else why would Oda introduce her all of an unexpected. So anyone else believes Toki is presumably some key person from the Void Century who moved in time but chose to settle in Wano? I suspect this is the ultimate time we’ll hear of her.

OP chapter 921


It’s further said of the Samurai, they were either seized or turned into bandits; it seems like Zoro will be doing something nostalgic to Oden who took down the strongest criminal of Wano and encouraged men to his team. Possibly, This is why Oda didn’t have Zoro there to hear the tale of Kinemon and of course, to set this up and to encourage the chaos. It’s almost confirmed by story course that this will certainly be a war, things won’t go easily. If they want 5,000 to obtain the war next to Kaido, then maybe we should be assuming the StrawHat Grand Fleet to arrive in Wano soon.

One Piece 921 Leaks

Overall a good chapter immediately before the break. Can’t wait for the other associates to appear.


One Piece Chapter 921 Confirmed Release Date

One Piece manga chapter is on a break next week. So, OP Chapter 921 will be issued on 22nd October and the scans will be out on 19th October.

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