A Woman With Split Personalities: Dissociated Journal, Chapter II

A Woman With Split Personalities: Dissociated Journal, Chapter II

Dissociated Journal: Chapter 2

03/06/2018, Monday

6:00 a.m.: Oh Shit! Someone wrote in this diary when I was asleep. I went to sleep around 10 o’clock last night and when I woke up this morning, I found scribbles on the side of the diary’s pages. It’s not a legible entry or a note but kind of what a small child might draw on a piece of paper. I’m totally freaking out right now because I don’t know what’s going on. I live alone in my small apartment with no children in the whole building. If it had been any kind of note at least I could have figured out who wrote it, who has been in my house. What to do? Should I call the police? And say what? Hey police officer! A child wrote in my diary, can you punish them. I’m at such a loss of words right now, but I have to get to my work by 8 o’clock anyhow, so I’ll have to deal with this later.



9:00 a.m.: Can a parrot

Eat a carrot

Standing on his head?


If I did that my mum would send me

Straight upstairs to bed.

I love this poem. It’s kinda funny.


You know, Erica (the lady who writes in the journal) is my mom.

I love her too.

Although she is kind of scared right now. I hate seeing her scared. It makes me scared.

You know, she doesn’t know about me because of which we cannot talk to each other, that’s why I’m writing here.

Hey mom! Lemme introduce myself. I am Peach. I am 3-years-old and I live inside you. Yes, I am one of your alters. I dunno what alters means but Donna told me to write it. She takes care of me. I love crayons. Do you have any? I can’t find them anywhere. I want to colour right now.


Narrator:  At this point, Peach has gotten bored with writing so she has started to draw in the journal. Peach and Donna are two of the 4 alters Erica has. Erica is suffering from a disease called Dissociative Identity Disorder(DID), in which Erica is the host or the original person and her four alters exist in her brain as alter egos or different personalities. They come to the surface or take control of her body if they think that Erica is going through some trouble or need some kind of help. Taking control like this can result in amnesia, which is what has been happening to Erica. DID happens when the host experiences childhood trauma because of which, their brain splits into different personalities, which they subconsciously think are strong, and can protect them. In this case, Peach protects Erica by blocking away her traumatic memories and Donna is Peach’s caretaker because she is only 3-years-old.

A Woman With Split Personalities: Dissociated Journal, Chapter II


5:00 p.m.: *gasps* What is all this? Alters? What? I think I’m going to faint. Am I a mom? Do I have a kid? Impossible. *reads through the whole entry*. So, when I came to on the floor 15 minutes ago surrounded by tissue papers as if I was playing with them, Peach has been inside my body? Or should I say I was Peach? How can that be? Are we supposed to talk through the journal? I am so confused right now. Okay, let’s see.

Hey Peach. This is Erica. What did you mean that you live inside me? How can I be your mom? How are you able to write even though you are just 3-years-old? What do you mean by “inside me”?


9:00 p.m.: I left those questions for her in the evening and it’s been like ages since then. I am so curious to see her answers and also very tired. It took me such a long time to clean the house. Peach really wanted those crayons it seems, because no corner of the house was left unnoticed by her in search of them. I think I’m just going to eat and then sleep, it’s been a long day.


9:30 p.m.: I see mommy has written some questions for me. Why is the mommy so confused. It’s simple, me, Donna, Angel, and Martha live inside her head. We have a big house there, with separate rooms for everyone. My room is filled with drawings of unicorns and big dragons.

I love dragons. They are so strong and powerful.

Mommy knows how to write so I also know how to write.

I’m getting sleepy now. Goodnight. Don’t let the bed bugs bite.

[Donna takes control automatically]

We are here to protect you. You have had some traumatic experiences in your childhood which brought us to life. Peach has blocked away those memories so you might not remember what exactly happened. I think the body is getting pretty tired too so I’m going to go, for now.

04/06/2018, Tuesday

7:00 a.m.: I am able to understand a little bit now. I searched on the internet a little and found that our small situation is called DID. Fascinating, huh! I had no clue such a thing existed let alone I was going through it. Now when I think back, when any one of these alters used to take control(also called switching), I used to feel a little dizzy and nauseous. I am aware now. Thanks, Peach and Donna, to explain it to me. Now that we know each other I can hear them talk inside my head. The other two, I have still no clue. I have to say, I’m a little relieved. Now I have to go to the office, as it is I’m gonna get reprimanded for yesterday.


2:00 p.m.: So, I was sitting at my desk, going through some papers and guess who called, the guy from the club. I guess I gave him my number that night before I switched. I’m going on a date tonight. Yayyyy!!!


5:30 p.m.: Just reached home. I have to get ready really fast because Todd is coming to pick me up soon. I’m gonna wear a dress, so sadly, I cannot take you with me. Sorry.


Narrator:  Erica seems really happy about the date because of which she has subconsciously blocked Peach and Donna. Their connection wasn’t very strong, to begin with. Peach really wants to talk to her mommy about Todd. He is very bad news. She fears for her mom.

The next chapter of “A Woman With Split Personalities: Dissociated Journal” will follow soon.

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