Dragon Ball Super Universe 7’s [Spoiler] Is Dead, Not Android 17

Dragon Ball Super will soon unveil what befalls to Frieza while Universe 7’s Son Goku and Universe 11’s Jiren The Grey battle one-on-one in this Tournament of Power.

There are just two episodes left before DBS Tournament of Power officially gets to a conclusion. One of the mysteries currently generating debate among DBS fans is whether Frieza is still in the battle royal stage or not. The latest time he was observed in action was in Dragon Ball Super Episode 127, when he got crushed to the ground after attempting to attack Jiren.


Two episodes have spent with Frieza’s state remaining unknown. The spoilers posted by KenXyro of Dragon Ball Super Episode 130 and Episode 131 also don’t discuss anything regarding Universe 7’s evil combatant. Many theories have been flowing, and one of those is the case that Frieza is already dead.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 129 provided fans an impression of the encounter between two mortals who are powerful than the God of Destruction.

Throughout their battle, fans have witnessed the destruction of the battle royal stage. The interchange of blows between the two fighters has been so great that it transferred the spectator seats where all the gods were watching. Based on the power that both competitors are unleashing, it grows as a huge issue of if Frieza can endure.


The idea why he has not rejoined the others in the observer seats is that he could be dead previously. As everyone remembers, the case of Frieza is unusual since he already has a Halo Ring over his head. If he dies, his presence will be completely eradicated.