One Piece Manga Chapter 897 Speculations

Let’s talk about One Piece Manga Chapter 897 which will be out in a few days. Still, the spoilers aren’t out yet, I thought I would give my thoughts on the next manga chapter of One Piece with you people.

As we all know, One Piece Manga Chapter 896 noted the end of an epic battle between Monkey D. Luffy and Charlotte Katakuri.


This Dou fought with every piece of power they had, and in the conclusion, the battle ended in a draw.
Luffy was able to compete with Katakuri and also awaken future sight Observation Haki.

That’s what his intention was from the beginning. Luffy’s growth has been very unbelievable, but few of it felt rushed in my belief. Luffy has to leave the Mirror world now and to do that, he has the assistant of Nazomuzu on his side.

We will surely see Pekoms in action in the next manga chapter, and with Luffy, he will eventually face the Big Mom Pirates. Still, I think Sanji will be the one to protect them.

There is further a chance that we will probably get to see Pekoms managing Sulong form in One Piece Chapter 897. Yet if it doesn’t, I have this feeling that Pekoms being there suggests we’ll see him do something helpful.

The Straw hats are also near to Cacao Island now. They’ll be there shortly, and Sanji will take Luffy to the Thousand Sunny.


We might further see what really happened among Pudding and Sanji. I believe Whole Cake Island arc is much closer to its end, and only it is left is for the Straw hats to make their leave.