How to Prepare to Go Backcountry Camping

Are you a camping and hiking enthusiast and want to combine your two loves? Or do you feel like leaving the crowd behind and living with yourself for a bit? Or maybe it’s a yes to all of that, and if so, you’ll be happy to know we’ve got the answer as to what you can do. 

Backcountry camping is a perfect set-up to challenge yourself and upgrade from regular day-hikes and camping. Be it the Pacific Crest Trail or Appalachian Trail, backcountry camping tests your mental and physical limits.


That’s why it is essential to meticulously prepare and be ready for all the challenges that nature throws at you, especially when you are on your own. Here’s the ultimate guide on how to prepare for your backcountry camping trip.

How to Prepare to Go Backcountry Camping


Make the Decision Wisely

There are potential risks associated if you decide to go solo for the first time as there’s no substitute for experience. That’s why it is a good idea to get in touch with a backcountry community or group or individual experienced backcountry campers who can help you understand the nitty-gritty when you are just starting out. 


However, if you are just as confident as Cheryl Strayed was, go ahead but don’t forget to do proactive packing beforehand!  

Learn the Fundamentals

As much as you need gear to survive, you also need to learn a few backcountry basics. Either you can learn it on from the Outward Bound course or you can join communities on various social media sites to learn from fellow hikers. 

Some handy backpacking skills include water purification, cooking over an open fire, setting up a tent, reading weather warnings, and basic first aid. 


Don’t Ignore the Weather

Weather plays a very important role when you are planning to go into the wilderness. So, it’s crucial to keep a check on the weather updates before planning your trip and choose the dates with the most suitable weather conditions. 

What’s more; it is a wise idea to gear up for all types of weather possibilities to stay safe. 

Bring Out the Inner Know-It-All

Backcountry camping is often hard if you don’t plan it out properly. Thus, ensure that you research all the basic necessities so you can keep yourself safe from any potential danger. 

Leverage the power of Google, ask fellow hikers, and participate in active discussions on Reddit forums to know all about the hiking/camping trail, map of the area, campsite list, permits, camping fees, and everything in between to keep trouble at bay.

Plan Your Backpack Out

From carrying bear-proof food to your overnight gear, your backpack is going to be your best friend. So, if you are planning to be on the trail for a couple of days, a safe bet would be to get a 60-85L backpack to fit all your backcountry essentials. 

Also, as you will be carrying it around all the time, it is recommended to choose cushiony support to avoid any discomfort.  

Additionally, don’t forget to carry all quality equipment that is light and durable. Another important aspect is the clothing. A pair of wool socks, a warm jacket, and a rain jacket or poncho are few of the clothing items that you should carry to tackle the unpredictable mountain weather. 

Inform Your Friends and Family

It is always advisable to share the full itinerary with a friend or a family member, even when you are traveling in a group. This would help them find you in case of any emergency. And once you complete your trail, don’t forget to inform them of your achievement and also that you are coming home.

How to Prepare to Go Backcountry Camping


The Bottom Line

Although it can get overwhelming to know all about backcountry camping, starting small will help you get used to the experience. Plus, don’t forget that the wilderness can be dangerous and beautiful at the same time. So, once you are on the trail, don’t forget to stay safe while ensuring to rejuvenate your spirit!