Learn How to Find Free Wi-Fi With a Smartphone App

Living in the era of technology, every person with a smartphone wants to have access to a Wi-Fi network when they run out of mobile data. Thus, everyone is searching for Wi-Fi, especially if they are tourists in a foreign country.

Wiman is a smartphone app that offers access to global Wi-Fi hotspots for free. With more than 50 million hot spots, Wiman is the largest Wi-Fi database worldwide that can provide access to the internet anywhere in the world.


In 2015, Google awarded Wiman the title of one of the most beautiful applications of the year, and it was included in the “Best in Class” design for Android. This being said, the app is the biggest app on the market when it comes to Wi-Fi sharing and hotspots all around the world.

Features of the App

The application is like a Wi-Fi manager that can detect all the hotspots that are near you. You have full access to your Wi-Fi, save a hotspot, and connect automatically when you are in the range of a saved hotspot. It also suggests the nearby Wi-Fi hotspots and shows you the blue key to access the specific shared Wi-Fi.


You can get instant access to hotspots all over the world, shared by Wiman users, and a safe connection with other users, which means that you can connect to other hotspots without any password. Also, if you are the one that is sharing the Wi-Fi, you can protect your hotspot by simply putting your password back on the network. 

The app is user-friendly and shows on a map all the surrounding hotspots, no matter the location you are in. Furthermore, you can test which Wi-Fi works for you and select the ones that are fast. The more actions you perform within the app, the more points you can get. And you can win trophies, compete and be the best among your friends.

How To Use the App

The application is available for everyone here, and it is free to use; you don’t need to pay anything. Simply download the app from the store, and you’re ready to go.


You can find free hotspots anywhere you are traveling and in any city. This is thanks to the offline downloading map that you can use without an internet connection. Also, you can win points and trophies by using the app and the more actions you perform within the app.

This app is ideal for travelers who want constant internet connectivity, no matter where you go. You can also adjust the app to your smartwatch or to other devices that use the Android system.


You have unlimited offline Wi-Fi maps, and you can rate the Wi-Fi hot spot, no matter where you are. And you can get free access to Wi-Fi in bars, hotels, airports, and cities, and many other locations. You have an automatic connection to hot spots, no matter where you are located. This is interesting because, no matter where you are in the world, you can still access a hotspot, you just need to have your mobile phone with you.

This app is not made for Wi-Fi hacking, as all the passwords are protected for the privacy of the users and for the security for those who are sharing their Wi-Fi. You can connect safely to a Wi-Fi shared by a Wiman user anywhere in the world.

The application has been developed to work both online and offline. This means that you can still download maps when you are offline. If you highly rated a Wi-Fi hotspot in the past, the app will automatically connect to it the next time. That way, you always have access to it. 


Wiman is an ideal application for those who are traveling and want to be connected to the internet all the time. With their private and secured connection, you can access hot spots all around the world. You can even download maps when you are offline.

Furthermore, you can also use it in your own country, hometown, and lots of places. There are currently over 50 million free Wi-Fi hotspots worldwide. How cool is that?