‘Infinity War’ Releases New Trailers Featuring ‘Boku no Hero Academia’ Heroes

Recently, an official collab between Infinity War and Boku no Hero Academia was stated, and the drive has started a slew of new teasers to the life.

On Twitter, Boku no Hero Academia validated it was preparing a promo campaign for the new Avengers movie to hype its release. A site has been given that supports connect the two superhero line commonly, and Japanese fans got some new trailers for the latest Avengers film which star Boku no Hero Academia’s top Protagonists in practice.


The first trailer fixes up how the remaining go. The long reels work as MCU 101 models for followers as the protagonists of Boku no Hero Academia are tasked with performing a statement on the Avengers. The teasers go up each of the Marvel superheroes stories from the viewpoints of every Class 1-A student, and Deku Kun doesn’t think back his respect for Captain America.

Followers are given education on various other great Avengers. Bakugo is tasked with explaining Iron Man’s story in the Marvel Cinematic Universe while Ochacho flows over Black Widow. Shoto Todoroki operates over Thor’s history, and All Might provides an intense education on the Hulk. Also, Lida provides his best review by going over everything he appreciates about Dr Strange.


You can review the other two of the teasers here!