My Hero Academia Episode 40 Spoilers

My Hero Academia Season 3 is just right throughout the edge and we grasp a lot of information that what will appear in this season. The first episode of this season was bit-filler, which centred on the swimming pool.
Boku no Hero Academia Season 3 Episode 2 (Episode 40) that principally concentrates on Rookie Field Trip and including Pro Heros, Who will support them to increase the usage of their Quirks/Powers.

The name of the following episode is “Wild, Wild, Pussycats”. This episode will broadcast on 14 April 2018. The name of this episode tells all the stuff that will appear in the following episode. We will notice fresh characters and their title is Wild-Wild Pussycats.


Wild-Wild Pussycats is a club which trains in Mountain rescues. This club involves Pixie-Bob, Mandalay, Tora and Ragdoll. They solely are pro-heroes, and they’ll support Class 1-A in their development as well.

Furthermore, they are bests among the mountain rescue units and they have been saving people for 12 years which gives them pros at their work. The exercise for class 1-A & 1-B won’t remain long though. The exercise of both the classes will be cut little because Villains are going to attack our Heroes.

Besides, Villain has few kinds of purpose in the brain which isn’t been exposed yet.
This season is going to blow up everyone’s mind and the anime will cover more than one arc.


It is now been confirmed that the new Season of My Hero Academia will have 25 episode.