Kingdom Chapter 579 Summary, Spoilers, Release Date

Kingdom manga is releasing amazing chapters one after the other and fans can’t get enough. Now, I have doubt that this awakening is part of Ousen’s plot. He was revealed standing at his HQ so I suspect he will pull a crucial blow during Ouhon and Shin’s battle. It really doesn’t make a reason to me that a general like Ousen will risk on right-wing “awakening”. So let us break down and predict the events of Kingdom Chapter 579. But before that, there is a sign for you. The post ahead holds significant spoilers so read at your own wish. Follow to our Twitter & Facebook for latest updates. Let’s Start!

Kingdom Chapter 579 Spoilers


Kingdom Chapter 579
Kingdom Manga Chapter 579

I’m really eager to see how they are going to be ‘Awaken‘ in Kingdom Chapter 579. Hopefully, there will be some logical explanation, but I’m not certain what they can do other than Shin and Ouhon providing a morale-boosting speech and going first into battle to prove their units their leader’s power. It’ll apparently still resolve around Shin and Ouhon just picking the best out of their men. We’ve noticed this from Duke Hyou and Ouki where the army gets powerful just by being lead by the general, so expectedly, it’s something like that. 

It seems like we’re getting some great fight in upcoming chapters, Gyou un, and Garyu both are going down & the first one will be Garyu for his arrogance. Still, I don’t know how Qin army will get passed that 12th day without food even if they win the battle unless they begin eating corpses. Is Ousen hiding some food supplies from everybody since the start either that or Gyou will fall the next day so they can retreat there but still food will be a dilemma for Kanki and Ousen armies combined?

Kingdom raw 579

We can assume some teeth grinding in Kingdom Chapter 579. Excited to see each units members shine the following few chapters. I was expecting to see Shin and Ouhon evolve in this battle and some big plan like Ouhon had in the Wei Dragons volume. This “awakening” thing sounds very Fairy tail-esque to me. Powering up like that is quite a shounen and I get some like it but I assumed more.

Kingdom Chapter 579

Kingdom Chapter 579 Release Date

The next chapter of Kingdom manga is going to release on 7th October 2018.

Where to read Kingdom 579 raw or manga?

There are a few websites that allow you to see the Kingdom manga(Chapter 579). However, yet if you read the scanlation please back the release by remaining for the original release date, which will assist the anime/manga community.