Kingdom Chapter 587 Spoilers, Expectation, Release date

Kingdom Chapter 586 is finally out & man this chapter was awesome to read. Now, Let us break down & speculate the events of Kingdom chapter 587. But before to that, here is a warning for you. The post ahead offers spoilers so proceed at your personal will. Follow to our Twitter & Facebook for Kingdom updates. Enjoy!

Ouhon will be getting a new spear probably in Kingdom chapter 587. It’s going to be some accomplishment for Shin and co to take this one back. I hope Gyou’un isn’t off form from that arm wound if he ends up duelling Shin 1 vs 1. Otherwise, it might be a relevant factor for Shin being able to defend off two attackers at once which appears to have happened a lot this arc. Anyway cool to observe that Ouhon in fact lost but surprisingly it appears more of the Gyoku Hou will last then everyone thought. I feel like the author would be better off not telling us already that Ouhon was going to lose. It would have been more of a blow really.


Kingdom raw 587

If Ouhon is certainly out for the counts like Akou then it will admittedly be up to Shin to lead the right wing. Shin would rally them just similar to he rallied Duke Hyo’s men facing Mangoku in the Coalition War. He would psyche up Ouhon’s men & they wouldn’t be deemed secondary to the Hi Shin Unit. I think OuHon will be forced to rest, just similar to Akou. But this is ominous, I mean I assumed him to surprise Ousen on high calibre, seeing that stuff within Ousen and Ouhon.

Kingdom Chapter 587


I don’t detect much blood on Ouhon. His spear may be broken in half, but his armour is still uninjured so the blow was clearly non-lethal.

Kingdom Chapter 587 Official Release Date

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The following chapter of Kingdom manga will be released on 15th January 2019 on its official timing. Let’s see how everything unfold in Kingdom Chapter 587.