One Piece Chapter 930 Official Release Date, Spoilers, Expectation

One Piece chapter 929 was truly awesome, I just can’t wait for the next chapter. Now, Let’s break down & predict the events of One Piece Chapter 930. But before to that, here is a huge spoiler warning for you. The post advancing holds spoilers so proceed at your own will. Follow to our Twitter & Facebook for brand-new One Piece updates.

Orochi wanting Vegapunk is most possible to do with Artificial Devil Fruits. Everyone likes it when Vegapunk’s name pops up in a part and I can’t wait until he is eventually shown. Orochi’s character is guessed to be that of an undeserving usurper who is simply in his place because of Kaido’s strength.


One Piece Chapter 930

I’m very interested to learn more about X Drake, his motivations and character, he has a really cool devil fruit. I’ve been querying what his plan is ever after he said he needed to get Kaido’s attention. I’m assuming he’ll finally join the supernova alliance to take down the Beast Pirates. I suspect that either Apo and Hawkins are members of the 6 strongest headliners. Not because they’re not powerful, but because they’re new members of the team. It looks like these 6 have been part of the Beasts Pirates for some time and apparently all of them have ancient Zoan Devil Fruits.

We were agreeably surprised and relieved to observe that Robin was certainly in this chapter, and she’s also now at the party. But what I wasn’t anticipating was for Stussy, a CP0 agent, to be there right beside her also disguised as a geisha. I honestly can’t wait to see how this grows.


One Piece Chapter 930 Spoilers


One Piece 930 Official Release Date
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Now coming to One Piece chapter 930 Spoilers, a lot of interesting things are expected to happen in the next chapter of One Piece. So, We will see Page One and X-Drake against Law and Sanji. It seems like Law and Sanji have no choice but to fight them. Also, Franky is currently looking for the blueprint to the Yonko’s mansion and everyone else is preparing for the attack during the Fire Festival. One Piece chapter 930 could also show if Franky will get to locate the blueprint of Kaido’s mansion.


I think people are assuming Wano to get better for the Strawhats as they have already run into a few difficulties. But Wano is only continuing to get harder and harder on them and I don’t see precisely where everyone will end up by the edge of it.

One Piece Chapter 930 Official Release Date

One Piece Chapter 930 has been delayed for almost 3 weeks. The full scans for next chapter will be expected to out on 18th January.