Kingdom chapter 608 confirmed release date, spoilers

If you’re waiting for Kingdom chapter 608, it’s sorry to tell that this chapter is not getting this week. Kingdom manga won’t be out the following week. Which means we will be getting Chapter 608 on July 24. Subscribe to our Reddit community for more latest Updates.

Kingdom Chapter 608 Spoilers



Kingdom 608

The author keeps grinding top tier chapters week after week. Ousen interaction with Riboku was golden, especially the part where he talks about the Pedo King. I can’t wait to see how things progress from here. I hope Houken won’t come crushing into the current battle. He is better of going after the likes of Shin and Kyoukai.

Ousen’s on his recruiting habit again, but I think it’s pretty fair game as Riboku is always telling others to surrender? We all know that they almost never succeed, but still interesting to watch. Even with that said, I’m still curious to see how Riboku would answer Ousen’s proposal. I’m curious to see in which manner Riboku will deny Ousen’s proposal though. I wonder if he’s going to be offended in Kingdom chapter 608?

Kingdom chapter 608
Ou Sen

Ousen should have known that given he always a few steps ahead of everyone. So why would he waste his breath trying to recruit Riboku knowing full well it won’t work? Maybe because he wants to duel Riboku, he knows Riboku’s not skilled in fighting and it would lower enemy morale if Riboku rejects the challenge.

Not only is Riboku’s army losing right now, but Qin’s right wing will soon join the battle as well. Even if they are taking much longer than expected, at this point Gyou’un and his elites are the only things preventing Shin from reaching the center. Riboku will be attacked by thousands of extra enemies just after his armies suffered a huge number of casualties and their formations are in total disarray. And he needs to win this today, as it is the only chance they have of preventing Gyou from falling. 

Most of the fans are thrilled to see what’s going to appear in Chapter 608. However, with the extended release of the next chapter, We will have to remain for one more week to observe what is going to happen.


Kingdom Chapter 608 release date

Chapter 608 of Kingdom manga will not be coming out next week. However, fans will be able to read the next chapter on July 24.