Kingdom Chapter 612: Ri Bo Ku’s Ultimate Defense

Chapter 611 is out and It was a great chapter, We now are seeing the finale of this long battle, Ri Bo Ku surely has planned something for his defense, so we have to wait for Kingdom Chapter 612 to know what is Ri Bo Ku’s ultimate strategy. Subscribe to our Reddit community for more latest Kingdom Updates.

Kingdom Chapter 612: Ri Bo Ku’s Ultimate Defense

Kin Mou is waiting for them in the forest and maybe Ri Bo Ku thinks Kin Mou can stop Ship and his unit. We don’t know why Ri Bo Ku is underestimating Shin this much, a smart man like himself should know better!

If Ri Bo Ku’s plan relies solely on Kin Mou to stop Qin’s right-wing, then he is going to get the reality check in the next chapter. Afterall, Kin Mou is a subordinate of Kei Sha and as we know Shin defeated Kei Sha, Therefore I don’t think there is any point for Shin to face Kin Mou. It doesn’t give Shin any credit nor it shows his strength. Fans over Reddit predicted that Bananji will do something that effectively stops the Qin forces from reaching thee Zhao center army while Kin Mou will distract the Qin right wing with his unit.

Kingdom 612
Mou Ten

Ri Bo Ku still believes that he can win against Ou Sen, as long as, he can stall the right-wing. However, we don’t know any news on left-wing, which is still in great favor for Zhao. To prevent Ki Sui from traveling to center, Mou Ten went all-out brawl. That is a short-term solution for Mou Ten as he won’t have the manpower to last long. Everyone just wants to see how Mou Ten will be able to take on the armies of both Ki Sui including his absolute unit 2nd in command. Perhaps, the main focal point changes to the Center in Kingdom chapter 612.

According to Ri Bo Ku, The whole Qin army is fighting with an empty stomach for the past few days. He thinks that right-wing won’t be able to finish the Zhao’s left-wing. So, It’s true from his point of view that Zhao’s army can weather any attack from the hungry and weakened soldiers of Qin’s right-wing.

Kingdom Chapter 612 release date

Chapter 612 of Kingdom manga is going to release on 27 August 2019 on its official timing. Let’s see how things unfold in the next chapter.