One Piece Chapter 953: The Legacy of Ryuma

Spanish Translator hyped One Piece chapter 953, the Spanish version always translates the editor’s notes at the end while the English one doesn’t. The translator said he is anxious for the next chapter to be released so he can comment it. Judging by the precedents it seems that can be a chapter with some kind of action or maybe some revelation. Subscribe to our Reddit community for more latest updates on One Piece Manga.

One Piece Chapter 953: The Legacy of Ryuma

Gyukimaru is a weapon collector and he values the legacy of Ryuma indicates he will solve the problem of not having any swords. He is secretly working for the cause similar to Ashura and his remarks regarding the state of Wano country, Paints the picture of a future ally who happens to be a weapon collector. He’s most possibly another major figure, maybe a retainer.

One Piece 953
Credit: Toei Animation

We learned about the Devil Fruit of O-Tama in the previous chapter, Her power can make an ally of anyone who is a smile Devil Fruit user, and doesn’t have a limit yet. Chapter 952 also covered a lot of unfinished stuff like; The Yakuza Bosses, meeting between Kawamatsu and Hiyori, the Blueprint to Kaido’s mansion, Zoro defeating Gyukimaru. So Wano act 2 will possibly be over in Chapter 953.

In chapter 953, we can even expect a little flashback of Kaido and Linlin when they were in Rocks pirates. Possibly, we won’t see a conclusion of this battle in chapter 953 of One Piece. However, Big Mom pirates joining the conflict is quite a possibility. The battle between them will probably end before it gets to a full out war.

In addition to the above prediction, Chapter 953 might also unveil the plan of the Straw Hats as they attempt to find out about Trafalgar D. Law. In the previous chapters, Law gets caught intentionally to save his companions; Bepo, Sanchi, and Penguin.

Finally, it looks like there’s no break next week as we assumed. Chapter 953 of One Piece manga will probably release on 26 August.

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