Kingdom Chapter 615: Ou Sen’s Martial Might, Official release date

Fans are curious if Ou Sen has anything up his sleeve and if he’ll finally personally lead now that the enemy’s going directly for his head. Everyone wants to see his martial strength. Finally, we’re preparing up for Ou Sen to show that just as much as Ri Boku is a monster, Ou Sen is an even bigger one. Subscribe to our Reddit community for more latest Kingdom Chapter 615 updates.


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Kingdom Chapter 615: Ou Sen’s Martial Might

OuSen must have something up his sleeve, otherwise, the battle is finely assured: both HQ’s are under fierce assault, As of now, Zhao has the advantage since Hou Ken still hasn’t come out to play as yet. However, Ri Boku’s tactics for this whole arc have looked forced and based on “plot” while OuSen is the only one behaving like a strategist.

Ou Sen has a strong martial might too, or else he won’t be sure to go in and meet Ri Boku face to face if he can’t defend himself on his own. Hopefully, we might ultimately see Ou Sen’s martial might in the Kingdom chapter 615.
In the previous chapter, we saw Ba Nan Ji manage to sneak his army away from that portion of Akou’s army that was watching him. Fans are querying how he did that? Despite Dansa fastening Ba Nan Ji down, how he just appeared out of nowhere. How no one saw his approach until it was too late to stop it. Even Ri Boku saw the Hi Shin Unit coming from the right-wing a mile away. Fans are hoping for an explanation in Kingdom chapter 615


We need an explanation as to what happened to whoever was supposed to be holding BaNanJi’s army in check. Chapter 615 of Kingdom manga will most likely show the Qin army that was defending against them since this chapter ended on the twist, the next one should have the explanation.

Kingdom Chapter 615 release date

Chapter 615 of the manga is going to officially release on 27th September. However, the scans will be out 2-3 days before that.

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