One Piece Chapter 956: The Greatest Storm, Official Release Date

Chapter 955 is out and it was a great chapter. Wano arc is certainly ramping up fast! but the question is how big of a part Big Mom will play on the ultimate assault? The way Oda preceded the ending of Act 2 felt like we will be in the greatest storm ever in One Piece chapter 956

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One Piece 956 release date

Chapter 955 of One Piece will officially release on 20 September. However, the scans will be out 2-3 days before that.

One Piece Manga 956: The Greatest Storm

In the previous chapter, Orochi discovered the plan of the alliance. As we all know, Apoo just arrived on the island in chapter 954. His ability could tell Orochi learning concerning the plan in this chapter, but it wouldn’t reveal how he knew the purpose of the original picture. It also doesn’t reveal how Jack knew Raizo was on Zou island. That doesn’t suggest there isn’t somebody else in Wano with power like Violet’s, but the traitor is much more possible, particularly with the importance Oda has put on dishonesty and betrayals throughout Wano and the arcs heading up to it.

One Piece chapter 955
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We got to know that it is going to be 4200 vs 30000 opponents. The single way to level it out a little is by getting support somehow. What if Law and Hawkins infiltrate the prison and frees all captured Samurai.


Act 3 is going to be so violent, Eiichiro Oda knows how to hype us up with this future war. Fans believe Luffy is going to need external help because they can’t defeat Big Mom and Kaido alliance as of now. Everyone is curious about the real motives of Trafalgar Law, Kidd and Drake, We know Eustass Kidd has previously said he won’t ally with Strawhat but it’s pretty much certain that he’ll assist in taking down Kaido.

Most likely One Piece Chapter 956 will be a buffer chapter that takes us someplace outside of Wano. The very similar way chapter 925 was a buffer chapter after Act 1. We might get back to Reverie dropping us on a cliffhanger here and then we’ll be seeing a cliffhanger at Reverie and get back to Wano.

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