Marshall D. Teach aka Blackbeard’s Bounty Revealed- Updated

Marshall D. Teach, also identified as Blackbeard, is now one of the Emperors, replacing Edward Newgate aka Whitebeard following the war of Marineford. He also has 2 strongest devil fruit powers, thanks to his original devil fruit that enabled him to absorb Whitebeard’s powers. Teach was initially a member of Whitebeard Pirates in the past until he defected. He also fought with Shanks before and gave him that wound. Blackbeard is no easy foe as he was competent of beating Ace, Thatch, and Marco. In this post, we will be talking about the Bounty of the notorious Yonko Blackbeard.

Blackbeard aka Marshall D. Teach’s Bounty, New Devil Fruits Revealed

Marshall D. Teach's Bounty
The latest chapter exposes and proves the new devil fruit users of the Blackbeard Pirates. Shiliew as the new master of Suke Suke no Mi after taking it from Absalom & Catarina Devon containing the Mythical Zoan Inu Inu no Mi, Model: Nine-Tail Fox.
What’s unusual in this chapter is the bounty reveal of Blackbeard. You figure it right, the captain of the Blackbeard Pirates eventually reveals the bounty on his head and the figure is quite remarkable. Marshall D. Teach’s bounty is of 2,247,600,000 berries on his top.
Teach’s bounty does not shock me at all knowing that he holds two of the strongest Devil Fruit in One Piece world. Linking to Luffy’s 1.5 billion bellies, Marshall D. Teach’s bounty reveals why he’s a Yonko.


One Piece 926 Leaks
Now, we understand that Blackbeard is a man who is worth higher 2 Billion Berries. That’s a crazy number, but by Yonko criteria, I’d say that it is rather accurate. Blackbeard became a Yonko following the Payback War, where he fought against Marco the Phoniex. After defeating the remaining Whitebeard Pirates, he gained the rank of Yonko. He is still new equaled to the rest of the Yonko, and I believe their bounty will be even greater than him.
One Piece is heading into exciting territory now, and I’m sure Oda will hold this up. The followers of Kaido is sure to have great bounties as well, and I’m sure the entire bounty list is going to be thrilled at Wano.

OP chapter 926

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