One Piece Chapter 922 Spoilers, Speculation, Release Date

One Piece Chapter 921 is recently out and it was one of the best chapters so far. This chapter showed that Kaido has eaten a Mythical Zoan-class Devil Fruit that enables him to turn into a Chinese dragon. In this form, he is able to fly and dark clouds fill the sky upon his entrance. Now, Advancing forward to One Piece chapter 922 spoilers, raw and release date. Let me tell that you should drop this article prior to you get spoiled. If you don’t mind being spoiled you can proceed forward with this post. Follow to our Twitter & Facebook for latest updates.

One Piece Chapter 922 Spoilers, Raw, Speculation

OP chapter 922


I really believed that the leader of the thieves would be weakling like the Headliner Holdem. But seeing him battling Jack shows how powerful those samurais of Wano actually are. That indicates that the 3 Samurai Kinemon is looking for are at least as mighty as the calamities. Moreover, I hope One Piece chapter 922 will show the 3 Samurai that Kinemon was discussing in the previous chapter. I think it’s rather clear that Shutenmaru is Ashura Douji- their silhouette is the same. Him being a bandit is described by him being disillusioned by Oden’s execution and returning to his former ways. His dialogue is complete of clues to that effect- he talks like he endured the original destruction, and that he thinks any rebellion will fail without a charismatic figure similar to Oden leading it.

One Piece Chapter 922

I wonder since we’re going to get a feast with the beast pirates will we finally discover who the other calamities are. I believe One Piece chapter 922 will portray the calamities of Beast Pirates.


In OP Chapter 922 we will see the sight of Yonko Kaido’s power. It is actually clear that we will have to remain to see Luffy and his new alliance to confront Kaido in few chapters.

One Piece 922 manga

I’m actually worried as to what Our Hero will do here, will he decide to go at Kaido or stay hidden? I’m trying to see what is compatible with his character at this spot. I wouldn’t be shocked if he ran up on Kaido, and it wouldn’t appear like him to not confront Kaido- of course, there’ll be outcomes. Can’t wait for One Piece Chapter 922.


One Piece Chapter 922 Release Date

One Piece Chapter 922 releases officially on 29th October 2018. The scans will be out by Friday following week.

Where to read OP chapter 922 raw or manga?

There are a few sites that authorize you to view the One Piece manga. However, yet if you know the scanlation please back the release by remaining for the original release date, which will benefit the anime/manga community.