One Piece Chapter 965: Void Century and Toki, Release Date

Chapter 964 came out earlier and it continued the flashback of Oden. This is already the most fabulous and impactful flashback in the entire series. So, when we get back to the present day some of the main series-arc secrets will get unveiled and it will be the Straw Hats time to leave their mark in the story on the world stage. We got interactions from all sorts of people we have never seen before, Oden is so loveable, we got Toki, we saw Pirate King with his crew, and we got the feeling of adventure all in one chapter. One Piece Chapter 965 will probably be even better when Roger meets Oden also we will see more of the crew!

One Piece Chapter 965: Toki and Void Century

Toki came to the future to get to Wano! And encountering Oden was a total accident. No way she went 800 years in one jump. She must have attempted this a bunch of times in the past. Toki coming from 800 years from the past also establishes that devil fruits have been also around for at least 800 years.


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The reveal about Toki came from the Void Century is the biggest reveal and the nearest we would get to know what occurred at Void Century. But Oda won’t share all of this in this flashback and it will get their flashback in the future. Toki would be the ideal spark to set Roger’s final plan in motion. Also, the Will of D. would be a proper reveal for this point in the story. Oda will continue the flashback of Oden in One Piece Chapter 965.

One Piece Chapter 965: Oden and Gold Roger

It’s exciting that Oda explicitly wrote the Pirate King’s name as Gold Roger rather than Gol D Roger. Perhaps when everyone knew him as the Great Pirate he wasn’t familiar with the Will of D yet. That may have come later reaching Laugh Tale and finding the One Piece.


With how close Whitebeard and Oden appear in this chapter, we can reliably assume the decision to join Roger pirates has to be because of Toki. With her being from the void century she knows about the Will of the D and Rogers importance to it. One Piece Chapter 965 might show us why Oden joined the Roger Pirates. Did Whitebeard and Oden separate on good terms? Whitebeard himself doesn’t hold Oden as a regular crew member. It wouldn’t be shocking if he felt Oden’s time on his ship was limited since Oden is the kind of man who’ll ultimately want to go do his own thing.

One Piece Chapter 965 release date

Oda revealed in the previous chapter that the upcoming chapter is not releasing this week. Chapter 965 of One Piece manga is officially going to release on 15th December

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