Kingdom Chapter 625: The Climactic Battle, Official Release Date

Kingdom Chapter 624 was a great chapter! Fans eventually got what they fancied. Ouki behind Shin panels is always classic no matters how many times Hara portrays it. Subscribe to our Reddit community for more Kingdom Chapter 625 updates.

Kingdom Chapter 625: The Climactic Battle

There’s a lot of good discussions about Hou Ken and his philosophy. It appreciates the character more with some of the insights. However, This would have been better without all of the spiritual version of mankind stuff. The theme itself is good, but this should have been set up hundreds of chapters ago. The fact they’re giving Hou Ken a character now in what seems to be their climactic battle.


Shin might become massive in Houken’s point of view in Kingdom Chapter 625, representing how he suddenly becomes a wall that he can’t overcome. That, and also a panel of Duke Hyou backing Shin up.

In Kingdom Chapter 625, Shin needs to turn things around, Hou Ken had the upper hand completely and Shin is badly wounded. But he’s able to handle everything and fight back. It feels like we are racing away from a decisive battle victory for Shin and way more than Hou Ken will get his ideals crushed from realizing his pathway wasn’t the truest path to ‘strength’. Shin is physically weaker, can match Houken’s power then it doesn’t matter how powerful a Bushin is, Mankind will always rise to the challenge to protect each other.

Kingdom raw 625
Hou Ken

More than a simple contest of strength, this is a clash of ideologies. On one side we have Hou Ken who has discarded humanity to ascend it. On the other, we have Shin who carries entire humanity on his back. Now that we have gotten more of Hou Ken’s backstory, Shin who has recently been deteriorating as a character can finally evolve into something more.

Kingdom Chapter 625 release date

Chapter 625 of the manga is going to officially release on 12th December.