One Piece Manga is ending in 5 years says Eiichiro Oda

Today, Japanese YouTuber named Fischer posted a video of Eiichiro Oda’s studio. Including Fischer, a total of 7 YouTubers interviewed Oda and asked him about the end of One Piece manga and many other questions. Twitter user @sandman_Ap translated it and made a summary of the interview.

One Piece manga is ending in the next 5 years says Oda


In this interview, when asked Oda answered about the end of One Piece manga. The author said he’d like to complete One Piece in the next five years. Fans are actually worried because 5 years means around 200 chapters. It’s impossible to cover all those explained things in just 200 chapters without rushing.

According to the translated summary, Oda talked about the great incident mentioned in Dressrosa arc by the Strawhat grand fleet. This incident is going to happen soon in Wano, indicating the arrival of Strawhat grand fleet in Wano soon. This is a piece of great news for all the devotee fans of Oda’s One Piece manga.

He also decided to not reveal the bounty of Bullet when asked by one of the YouTubers. Eiichiro Oda says in this interview that One Piece: Stampede holds a hint to the Raftel (romanization of Raftel is uncovered to be Laugh Tale) which every fan should discuss. After this interview, He even gave his kind autograph to all the 7 YouTubers who interviewed him.


Translated Summary by Sandman– One Piece Manga is ending in 5 years

Oda Interview 2019
Translated Summary by Sandman

Wano arc is currently going through a lot, Mugiwara pirates did ally with many powerful samurais from Wano to face against the army of Kaido. However, In the latest chapter, Kaido allied with another Yonko, Big Mom. This seems like an impossible task to complete for Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai alliance alone. They need some powerful ally to overcome this situation. As Oda stated in this interview, Straw Hat Grand Fleet will soon be in the Wano country to assist Luffy.

Eiichiro Oda’s Studio by Fischer