‘One Piece’ Manga Revealed The Winner Of Luffy Vs Katakuri Battle

One Piece has highlighted a lot of intense fights, but some have been as big as its newest fight. Monkey D. Luffy has been battling Katakuri, but the combat came to a conclusion not long ago. Eiichiro Oda allowed fans to know whether or not the Mugiwara could take down the Sweet Commander, and the end definitely surprised fans.


Warning: Major Spoilers  Ahead

In the latest chapter of One Piece, fans got to see the end of Luffy vs Katakuri. The duo exchanged their ultimate blows after an elongated battle including lots of reveals and power-ups. Not just did the competition show fans about Katakuri’s mouthy mystery but it saw Luffy unveil a brand-new Gear Fourth transformation. Still, when the fight came to an end, Luffy was the competitor left standing.

Chapter 896 finished with Luffy and Katakuri trading their final blows. At first, it seemed like Luffy would be the one falling as the Straw Hat captain. Katakuri stayed enduring for a bit long-drawn, but the Sweet Commander fell not delayed after Luffy.


For a while, it observed like the pair had just equalled, but Luffy made an awesome improvement. Luffy broke his way out of the pit he fell into and tried to examine out what time it was. When he saw up, Luffy saw Katakuri was continuing before him since he got up, and his opponent asked Luffy if he would turn one day to take down Big Mom.

Luffy said to Katakuri that he would come back and take his word since he’s the man who is going to be the Pirate King. Katakuri tells Luffy he’s looking much far in the future with his prediction, though the Straw Hat Captain isn’t given any time to comment on the Katakuri statement before Sweet Commander passes out.