Dragon Ball Super Episode 130 Spoilers Revealed Something Huge

During this final week, the Dragon Ball Super Community is hit with few mind-boggling spoiler or some speculation. Dragon Ball Super Episode 130 is on its way and we will prove, whether these Speculation/Spoilers are true or not.

Still, I’m not certain if these spoilers are real or not, also they don’t have any credible source. So, they first seem more like speculation rather than spoilers.


Episode 131 title was previously leaked a few days back and title showed that it will be the final episode of Anime Dragon Ball Super.

“Provisional name for Dragon Ball Super 131 Episode, airing on March 25th: “Son Goku, Till the Day We Meet Again”…which appears unpredictably familiar.” — @Herms98

I think we all will be crying our eyes out when the last episode airs. It is really going to be truly emotional as we will be saying farewell to our favorite hero.


The spoilers we are not quite sure are about DBS Episode 130.

Episode 130 doesn’t have any announced title, but it appears it was dripped from IMDB site. It is a screen-shot that displays a big news on what’s going to occur in Episode 130.


According to this unconfirmed spoiler, Jiren is crushed down by Goku and presently its time to handle Super Dragon Balls and yet though Goku was the one who brought down Jiren, Goku allows Vegeta use this wish and bring back Universe 6 as Vegeta agreed Cabba that he will bring Universe 6 back to life.

As it is still not confirmed and seems more like a speculation, even though to assume it sounds reasonable and accurate as Dragon Ball Super is near to end in only 2 episodes, so they clearly won’t be unfolding story any extra.