The Promised Neverland Episode 3 Official Synopsis, Release Date

The Promised Neverland episode 2 is out and this episode was great from an anime watcher view, but from a manga reader’s view it seemed like the highlight of the episode was missing. I actually like the soundtrack for this episode; particularly in the last few minutes where Ray & Norman were arguing. The added music and color executed the already creepy corridors even creepier, can’t wait for The Promised Neverland episode 3.

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Note: Spoilers ahead!!!


I really like how they depict physical fatigue in this anime. These children get winded from running, they tremble in terror and tense up in fear. and that time when Emma wondering about Conny seems like the eternal few seconds ever. The entire idea of this universe is much horrifying. The idea of a different farm that is especially for birthing these kids to be grown for the slaughter.

The Promised Neverland episode 3 is titled as ‘151045’, and a summary for this episode lately shared online by .

The Promised Neverland Episode 3 Official Synopsis

Promised Neverland Episode 3



“Emma explores for clues about the transmitter device.”

“In order to escape from Grace Field House, Emma & her comrades strategize! But Krone has appeared as Isabella’s assistant as well as a new young sister: Carol!! One way or another, Emma and her companions will try and make their hands on some signs about the transmitter device!”

“Why was (Krone) summoned to the house!? Krone was told by Isabella that the children knew regarding the secrets! What will Krone do about the errors made by Isabella who’s a great Mama!?”


The Promised Neverland episode 3 is going to release on 24th January.


TPN episode 3