Dragon Ball Super Chapter 55: The Final Ultimatum, Release Date

Chapter 54 was the kind of chapter that feels like the old Dragon Ball series. It gave Manga some room to breathe and gave secondary characters of both sides a chance to develop. Honestly, We were lucky to get one chapter focusing mostly on the Z-crew. So to get a second one, with Gohan joining in as well, is a real treat. It’s been genuinely fun to read this arc. Each recent chapters are ending with a cliffhanger and makes us crave for the next chapter as soon as possible. Subscribe to our Reddit for more Dragon Ball Super Chapter 55 updates.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 55: The Final Ultimatum

Now Merus is aware of Moro coming in 2 months but nothing symbolizes that Vegeta is aware of this. It seems like Vegeta will also learn Instant Transmission and that’s how he will come back from Yardrat, sensing Goku and Moro’s Ki and teleporting to the battlefield.


DB Super Chapter 55
Vegeta Vs Moro

Merus being an angel is basically confirmed, but we don’t know the full story yet. The big thing though, is that Whis and the Grand Priest both know about Merus and are discussing angel law in regards to his actions. Dragon Ball Super Chapter 55 will reveal what this might mean for Merus in the future, will he be forced to stop being part of the galactic patrol?  Fans are hoping that for Merus to not get punishment too greatly if he has flouted angelic law. He’s one of the most interesting characters to come out of recent Dragon Ball and we all want to see him stick around.

It’s quite disappointing that Vegeta didn’t even appear for a page in this chapter, but that’s good news for the long-term because Toyotaro will make his return worth it. DBS Chapter 55 might show Vegeta training on Yadrat and learning the Instant Transmission. In Dragon Ball Super Chapter 55, we will probably see a bit of what the people on Earth are doing to prepare, and see more of what is going on with the whole Merus-angel thing.


Dragon Ball Manga Chapter 55 release date

his chapter is going to release on 20th December 2019.