Boruto Manga 41: Black Cloud Mist Jutsu & Mitsuki’s Sage Mode

It is not understood why people are hating on this chapter so much. Team 7 attacked someone from Kara and they got beaten. What else peoples were expecting to happen in Boruto Manga 41? We should be excited about the next chapter, but It feels like each chapter is way too short with content to have fans waiting a month just to read new content. The previous chapters did not reveal much and had little content. This kind of pacing is alright if the manga is released weekly or at least bimonthly. But for a monthly manga, this kind of pacing ruins the momentum.

Boruto Manga 41: Black Mist Jutsu & Mitsuki’s Sage Mode

In this chapter, we saw Boro was bored waiting for Sasuke and then Boruto and crew show up. Boruto and Kawaki aren’t approaching the fight rationally while Sarada and Mitsuki were the stars of the chapter. It will be interesting to see how Kawaki will work with Team 7 in Boruto Chapter 41.


Sarada is a solid tactician, and she has a 3 tomoe Sharingan. Whereas Mitsuki is basically Orochimaru’s genetic engineering project and it’s still something of a mystery as to what he can do. Boruto is likely jonin level, considering he’s a genius, is being trained by Sasuke, and has some strong techniques. Also, Kawaki is the wildcard, he seems to have zero Ninja training, but a couple of strong techniques.

Boruto Chapter 41

Based on what Boro said, Team 7 will probably lose this fight, and Boruto and Kawaki will be taken back to Kara. That definitely interested fans the most and could lead to some great story developments. Mitsuki might use the sage mode in the next chapter, the situation is dire and there’s no adult around to protect them. If he doesn’t use it before the fight ends that won’t make any sense.


Boro’s Black Cloud Mist Jutsu

The Black Cloud Mist which Boro used against Team 7 is a close-range justu that is unable to be absorbed by the Karma, it causes paralysis, and eats away the body on a cellular level. It can not be blown away with Wind jutsu but how is it that Mitsuki can move about and perform jutsu within the Black Mist but Kawaki and Boruto can’t? It may have something to do with them absorbing his jutsus from earlier and now Boro has the advantage to use it in favor with the Black Mist to cause paralysis. We will see the true nature of this jutsu of Boro in Boruto manga 41.

Chapter 41 release date

Chapter 41 of Boruto will release on 20th December 2019.

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