One Piece Chapter 975, Read One Piece 975 Spoilers, Release Date

Chapter 974 came out earlier and it was a fantastic chapter that is able to link up almost every “puzzle” from the beginning of this Wano arc. After this chapter, fans are stunned with the traitor reveal. While most fans are talking about Kanjuro being revealed as the traitor. However, it seems like they left a major detail about the ‘Emergency Plan’ from Denjiro and Hiyori. So, in this article, we will be talking about the events of One Piece Chapter 975. Make sure to read chapter 974 before proceeding forward, as this article contains possible spoilers from the upcoming installment of One Piece manga.

Note: Possible spoilers ahead for One Piece 975.


Read One Piece Chapter 975 Spoilers

The previous chapter was information-packed. It revealed the traitor among the red scabbards. As well as it reunited the 3 strongest supernova to fight against Kaido. It was a really great chapter and it explained a lot of things that seemed pointless in the story.

Because of this, we now know how Kaido knew about Raizo, why Orochi knew about the samurai of the past and many other mysteries. It also explains how Kuromasaki was able to fake her death and why the traitor was ready to die in the boiling pot. Brace yourself, One Piece chapter 975 will also reveal more stuff regarding Kanjuro and his dark past.

For now, we know that he was a Kurozumi actor whose parents were murdered and he was chased after and persecuted until Orochi found him and offered him revenge in exchange for being a spy and infiltrating Kozuki clan. But, Oda might clear all details about him in the upcoming chapter, including his devil fruit powers.


Denjiro’s Emergency Plan

It was also revealed that Denjiro told Hiyori to keep his identity secret. Because he knew that someone from the Scabbards is a traitor. Now, they are about to take over flower capital and free the 1000 Rasetsu samurai which might occur in One Piece 975. Nonetheless, the chapter was great and Oda’s decision to move the story forward rather than to keep it focused on the Scabbards makes sense.

One Piece Chapter 975
Traitor Kanjuro

Kanjuro’s actions as Oden’s least loyal retainer will effectively be canceled out by Denjiro’s actions as Oden’s most loyal retainer, and Yasuie will ultimately be the reason why. These past two chapters have given Denjiro and Kanjuro’s character designs much more meaning than they previously had.

Kanjuro has lost everything, so there is nothing stopping him from doing whatever he deems necessary to further his goals. He backstabbed Shutenmaru whilst fighting Kaido, losing them the battle. Also, he was ready to die alongside Oden and the Scabbards to finish his act. Now, he has Momonosuke, the Scabbards will fight him in One Piece Chapter 975 to get back Kozuki heir. Kanjuro doesn’t seem to be that big of a threat, but he kept his actual abilities hidden all this time. Fans are anxiously waiting to see his real abilities and how he will fight against the remaining retainers.


Release Date

Chapter 975 of One Piece Manga will officially release on March 22nd, 2020.

Where to read One Piece 975 online?

The official source to read One Piece manga is VIZ media and the MangaPlus app. Also, if you guys are looking for sites to watch ‘One Piece’ Anime then check out this list of legal anime streaming websites.