Full Power Of Zeldris The Piety- Explained

Zeldris is an elite fighter of the Demon Clan, working straight under the Demon King as the Piety of the current Ten Commandments.

Power Level:

In Seven Deadly Sins, power levels are described as a complete number, the whole being blended into 3 categories: magic, spirit, and strength. The total power level is not a criterion of who clearly wins a fight, it’s simply a lead to who’s major expected to win. For instance, someone with a comparatively low power level yet super magic can strike down someone with a great power level if they don’t have a great plan to combat. The spirit level is a type of control in battle, willpower, etc. Magic & strength are self-illustrative.


Full Power Of Zeldris the Piety

Full Power Of Zeldris The Piety

  • Age: 252
  • Weight: 110 lbs
  • Height: 5’0″

Meliodas & Estarossa’s junior brother, Zeldris is normally settled and confident. His chief hobby is dragon slaying & his regular habit used to be annihilating Goddesses. He managed to have a hot vampire lover but she expired. All he considers about now is revenge against the criminals of the Demon Clan & a perfect success for the demons. He has currently defeated Camelot & its army on his own.

  • Power Level: 61000
  • Magic – 10000
  • Spirit – 3800
  • Strength – 47200

Commandment- Piety

Zeldris the Piety


Anyone who shows their back to Zeldris will shift an unquestioning slave of the Demon King, & by addition Zeldris, the Demon King’s delegate.


Zeldris holds immense levels of battle skill as he was capable of single-handedly efficiently defeat Camelot’s complete military forces, the following most mighty kingdom in Britannia, totally powerless, without sustaining any damage. Moreover, he is competent of taking the better of his elder sibling, Meliodas, when he had not recovered his actual full power & simply brought down Drole, with a single blow.


He has proved to be remarkably fast and has sharp reflexes, cutting Meliodas’ arm off in one stroke before the end was able to decapitate him.



Zeldris is also remarkably durable, as he was unfazed after getting a blow by Meliodas to his head with his demon mark stimulated & even withstood being hit by Escanor’s Cruel Sun at near scale.


Zeldris’ magic power is named God, A strange ability owned by him that enables to create black flames. It further has the extra effect of completely nullifying an immortal’s regeneration.

Source: Nanatsu no Taizai Wiki

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