Boruto Episode 64 Spoilers & Release Date

Boruto Episode 64 Spoilers

The newest episode of Boruto may be named “Sasuke’s Secret Weapon”, though the majority of the episode truly deals with the result of the Hidden Leaf Shinobi’s crisis with a new unit of the Otsutsuki clan, an assault that left Naruto in desperate crises. It’s shown that Naruto was actually taken by the Otsutsuki, & Boruto was all pessimistic about what he did & how he delivered embarrassment to his parents.

Boruto Episode 64 Spoilers


Boruto then left to Hokage’s office & wore his father’s aged coat. This is when Sasuke & the other Kage entered. Sasuke recognizes that Boruto and his Rasengan will get in profitable now. Sasuke Uchiha provided him with the belief that he could extract it off.

Boruto Episode 64 Sasuke

Boruto episode 63 exhibits that Sasuke has a strategy, he will bring the 4 Kages, & Boruto himself, and start a rescue mission to protect Naruto, in the forthcoming episode, “Rescuing Naruto!”


Now, getting to the spoilers of Boruto episode 64. In this episode the battle between the Kage, Sasuke & Boruto vs Otsutsuki. All the Kage have been previously suggested by Sasuke not to apply their ninjutsu on Momoshiki Otsutsuki. The battle is going to be tough, and we’ll get to witness capabilities of Sasuke & Naruto again following a long time. I don’t believe that Urashiki Otsutsuki will rise in the Boruto episode 64 as we didn’t notice him in the preview.

Boruto Episode 64 Gaara

Followers who watched the initial Boruto movie that introduced the series, now know that the Uzumaki Boruto has a significant part to perform in serving to take down the Kinshiki Otsutsuki & Momoshiki Otsutsuki, and furthering himself as the soldier that would be demanded of Naruto’s son. With his master Sasuke Uchiha at his side, the fight against the Otsutsuki’s will be a remarkable one, surely.


Boruto Episode 64 Release Date

Boruto episode 64 is going to air on 5 July 2018.

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