Full Power Of Estarossa The Love- Explained

Estarossa is a powerful fighter of the Demon Clan, working straight below the Demon King as the Love of the current Ten Commandments. He is the Demon King’s 2nd son.

Power Level:

In Seven Deadly Sins, power levels are described as a complete number, the whole being blended into 3 categories: magic, spirit, and strength. The total power level is not a criterion of who clearly wins a fight, it’s simply a lead to who’s major expected to win. For instance, someone with a comparatively low power level yet super magic can strike down someone with a great power level if they don’t have a great plan to combat. The spirit level is a type of control in battle, willpower, etc. Magic & strength are self-illustrative.


Full Power Of Estarossa The Love

Full Power Of Estarossa The Love

  • Age: 380
  • Weight: 209 lbs
  • Height: 6’7″

Estarossa is usually very comfortable but he’s much cruel inside. Like his junior brother, he likes killing dragons & Goddesses and hopes of being the best.

Power Level: 60000

  • Magic – 3000
  • Spirit – 4000
  • Strength – 53000

Commandment- Love

Anyone with hatred in their souls will be powerless to attack or cause harm to anyone else. They can’t yet move ahead or direct energy to attempt an attack.

Blocks Meliodas’ Revenge Counter from initiating.


Ban handling Hunter Fest to remove Estarossa’s power like he did with Galand has really no effect. Estarossa’s strength is so far away Ban’s Hunter Fest end that he may as well be a bug working to continue Estarossa back.


Beats on Escanor & endures to move him.

Estarossa The Love Vs Escanor


Casually travels faster than Ban can notice or respond to.

Intercepts Meliodas’ Revenge Counter before Meliodas understands it.


Ban breaks his fingers working to do Fox Hunt on Estarossa’s back.

Bears on Escanor’s Pride Flare, which immediately disappears Lake Paynes, right at the very close area & come out of it with critical burns but no significant damage. The injuries are quickly regenerated.


Full Counter

He does a modification of Meliodas’ Full Counter that reflects physical strikes at higher than double their real power.


He contains a target using his blackness, like Escanor’s little sun.


He summons 7 black swords, one for every heart of an higher-class demon.

Weapon Summoning

He can summon his sword out of a door of some sort.


Estarossa has the exceptional capability to turn other people into demons with a single touch, although inconsistent beings will blast.

Source: Nanatsu no Taizai Wiki

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