Kingdom Chapter 576 Spoilers, Release Date

Hey, everyone! Today we’ll talk about Kingdom Chapter 576 spoilers and release date. This post holds spoilers for the subsequent chapter, therefore I recommend you should stop prior to you getting spoiled. Let’s Start!

Kingdom Chapter 576 Spoilers

Kanki is promptly has a time limit of three days for food, his troops are creating problems internally, and as YTW said capturing Gyou is the principal objective. Still, Kanki is just expecting for Ousen to finish his plans and leaving Maron hanging. I’m expecting something great from Ouhon and Shin on this encounter now, both doing their personal thing with half this army without actually talking anything and totally controlling the right side.


Kingdom chapter 576

YTW army is too beat up to perform a real move it gives reason to me to wait it out and recover. I believe or at least I hope we are going to see Ousen’s original move in the following chapter. I’m assuming Ousen to do something huge next chapter. In the coalition war, we thought Ousen left after losing to Ordo, but he took down Yan army’s core in one fell fall. At the start of this war, we thought Ousen had left Retsubi, but he went to check out Gyou and made a counterattack on the fly.

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I kind of expected that Hara wouldn’t skip the 9th day in Shukai. What do you think Ousen is up to? I guess he wants to see which one can be a more proper commander for the right wing and also covering up his scheme for that conflict. Also, do you believe it was Ousen’s soldier who infiltrated the Gyo?

Kingdom Chapter 576 Release Date

Kingdom 576 Raw

The new chapter of the Kingdom is going to be delivered on 16th October 2018.


Where to read Kingdom 576 raw or manga?

There are some online websites that permit you to read the Kingdom manga. However, even if you know the scan, please encourage the release waiting for the release date, which will support the anime/manga community.