Kingdom 576 Manga Spoilers, Leaks, Release Date

Hey, everyone! Kingdom chapter 575 is recently out and from the previous chapter, we learned that the YTW army is too beat up to make an actual move. Moreover, Kanki is promptly has a time deadline of 3 days for food, his troops are creating difficulties internally. So, now moving forward to Kingdom 576 manga spoilers and release date. This article holds spoilers for the succeeding chapter, therefore I advise you should stop former to you getting spoiled. Enjoy!

Kingdom 576 Manga Spoilers


Kingdom 576 leaks

Kanki is just expecting for Ousen to complete his plans. As I learn before Qin departed, SHK told Ousen he can drop all plans they have made when he observes the circumstances in Zhao. Ousen also made a demand from SHK which is yet to be unveiled. I believe we are going to mark Ousen’s original plan in Kingdom chapter 576. I’m thinking Ousen to do something enormous following chapter. In the coalition war, we thought Ousen left later failing to Ordo, but he took down Yan army’s essence in one fell fall. At the origin of this war, we believed Ousen had left Retsubi, though he went to check out Gyou and started a counterattack.

Kingdom 576


Now I’m assuming something big from Ouhon and Shin on this conflict now, both doing their own job with half this army without really discussing anything and completely commanding the right side. I believe this gives some faith to the idea that Kanki knows Ousen is up to something, he may be just pointing to Ousen having not won yet but it still confirms that he has ridiculous belief in him to win even with these chances. After YTW won’t provide Kanki, The single thing I see now on Ousen side is this: He planned something inside Gyou on the 11th day once people inside begin to starve and the confusion starts to set up, some spies or something will start their move inside Gyou. Otherwise, on the military side, I can’t understand how Ousen will beat Riboku in the present conditions, Even Ousen face reveals that he is expecting for something to occur.

Kingdom 576 Manga Release Date

This upcoming chapter of the Kingdom manga is going to be delivered on 16th October 2018.

Where to read Kingdom 576 raw or manga?


There are some websites that authorize you to read the Kingdom manga. However, even if you read the scanlation please promote the release waiting for the release date, which will benefit the anime/manga community.


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