Kingdom Chapter 583 Spoilers, Summary, Release Date

Kingdom chapter 582 is finally out after a two weeks break and it was totally awesome. Even though there was no fighting it was an epic chapter for me. So warm, so many different points of views, so many faces. Only Kingdom can make some made up characters feel so familiar. I say it often but I’m so pumped for what’s to come. I just hope we’re going to get a big surprise, either from Kanki or from Ousen’s master-plan. Now let us break down and speculate the events of Kingdom chapter 583. But before that, there is a warning for you. The post ahead contains major spoilers so read at your own will. Follow to our Twitter & Facebook for latest updates. Enjoy!

I think the willpower of the troops will stay strong and that will have an effect, I also think Ousen could have a play he’s keeping in the wings waiting for the perfect moment to strike. Riboku seems all set up I wonder what Ousen is going to do to counter it. Now Riboku will use a pincer movement so either that means his center might be weakened and an unused Ousen center army should take advantage of that. Or either delay one of the wings so the pincer won’t work.

Kingdom raw 583


I expected at least to see Riboku adapt his plan or be mad about the forced retreat, but no. He’s still acting as if everything was going great. When the obvious only chance for the Qin to win just happened.

It’s going to be fascinating to see what Ousen has planned. This is one hell of a tightrope walk between morale and starvation, and Ousen isn’t the type to make wild bets that risks his own survival. He’s got to have something up his sleeve.

As far as this arc goes, only Shin has actually taken a commander if I remember correctly. Judging by the other arcs it’s likely they will get a couple of kills each before this whole battle is over. I’m guessing Shin and Ouhon will beat their side and be key factors in Qin’s victory.

We know from the past Ousen won’t jump into a fight he cannot see himself winning. I am pretty excited to see what Kingdom Chapter 583 is going to reveal. As I believe next chapter will reveal the grand strategy of Ousen and how he will implement it.

Kingdom chapter 583 Release Date

The next chapter of Kingdom manga will be released on 11 December 2018 on its official timing.