One Piece Chapter 927 Confirmed Leaks, Raw Scans

The Official leaks of One Piece Chapter 927 are finally out and Honestly, this chapter looks really good. So, let’s proceed with post and see what is going to happen in the next chapter of One Piece. But earlier to that, Here is a sign for you. The article ahead contains official spoilers so read at your own will. Follow to our Twitter & Facebook for latest updates. Enjoy!

One Piece Chapter 926 Review

One Piece 927 manga


This was clearly one of the most influential chapters in the manga as a whole because it simply shows Luffy training his base power because his Devil Fruit is canceled. I’m glad our hero has a very clear rival now before this chapter a lot of people were assuming Kidd won’t match up to Luffy, his bounty is simply so high because of his civilian casualties etc. They even trashed talked him because Kaido crushed him and then the same thing occurred to Luffy. Luffy and Eustass Kidd clearly are on par in normal form because of the Seastones. I like how the Seastones are acting as a sort of training weights.

One Piece Chapter 927 Official Leaks, Raw Scan


  • Kyoshiro, the money exchanger who is working for the Kurozumi Family, is returning in One Piece chapter 927.
  • Franky and Sanji got into a problem and knocked Kyoshiro’s henchmen because they ruined the food that Sanji was preparing. Kyoshiro got the news that his henchmen were beaten up since he was invited to attend Orochi’s feast. He also suggested Queen send some assassins to go to the area.
  • A new character gets her entrance in One Piece Chapter 927. Her name is Komurasaki, an oiran who is further a super idol in Wano Country.
  • A dragon silhouette emerged. It seems like the dragon silhouette is Orochi. He, on the other hand, is decided that he can do Komurasaki fall for him today.One Piece Chapter 927 will officially release on 10 December 2018.

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