Kingdom Chapter 621: Kyou Kai vs Hou Ken, Official Release Date

Kingdom Chapter 620 is out online and it was an amazing chapter that ended way too fast. The focus on Kyou Kai’s sword Ryokusui is something to worry about in the Kingdom chapter 621. Hara usually doesn’t show someone’s weapon getting cracks if they don’t plan on having it breaks in battle. It’s starting to get cracks from her swings alone, and fans are puzzled by what’s going to happen the moment she uses it to block. Subscribe to our Reddit community for more Kingdom manga updates.

The way this chapter progressed, it feels like we’re going to get something similar to what happened to Kyou – with Kyou Kai getting cut down, Shin appearing just in time to witness it and gets enraged similar to Ouki when he fought against Hou Ken. Except for this time, Kyou Kai might not die since a big point of the manga is how the new generation can surpass the old. Maybe she’ll manage to block Houken’s attack as her sword breaks preventing a fatal injury and Shin arrives in time before Hou Ken can finish her off. Ouki’s biggest regret was arriving a step too late to save Kyou.


Kingdom Chapter 621: Kyou Kai vs Hou Ken

Kingdom Chapter 621
Kyou Kai Vs Hou Ken

In the last panel of chapter 620, we can see Shin’s sword on his back like usual so it might be great if we get something poetic like Kyou Kai getting up and using Shin’s sword to fight together with him. Even if he’s enraged, it’s going to be difficult to kill Hou Ken alone.

We are nearing the big event and Hou Ken appearing as an immovable wall before the Hi shin unit. Kyou Kai will continue fighting Hou Ken in Kingdom Chapter 621. Everyone predicting either the pair or after Kyou Kai being unable to continue Shin will finish the job. Houken in Chapter 620 seemed to have some big death flags for an enemy. Hou Ken is always a big strong brute. This time Hara seemed to give him even more power and showed how special he is including killing HSU members. 

Kingdom Chapter 621 release date

Chapter 621 of Kingdom manga is on a break next week. It is listed to publish in Weekly Young Jump Issue #50 releasing on Nov 14th, 2019.