One Piece Chapter 962: The Red Scabbards, Orochi and Shimotsuki Clan

Act 2 of Wano was so bombastic with the incredibly fast pacing when Oda had to jump around scene after scene in order to keep up with everything happening at once, many of these events we didn’t even get to see and there are valid complaints about the specific incidents he chose to show us over the other. This flashback is a breath of fresh air where the pace slowing down rapidly back to what it usually is, and Oda is taking his time to flesh out every character. Subscribe to our Reddit community for more One Piece Chapter 962 updates.

Oden’s Nitoryu and Zoro’s Santouryu are similar, and the only reason Zoro uses three swords is that he added Kuina’s sword to his two-swords style. So the theory that Denjiro is Zoro’s teacher seems a lot more likely after this chapter.


One Piece Chapter 962: The Red Scabbards, Orochi and Shimotsuki Clan

This chapter implies that Oden might be taking the blame for things other people have done in the past. We are focusing on the key moments of Oden’s life in the flashbacks, but covering all that till his death is a bit much. We will probably get the flashback to the point when Oden leaves Wano, while his death will be shown during the battle when Kaido is present. The flashback shall help us to understand why the scabbards followed Oden and there will be signs to find out the traitor.

In One Piece Chapter 962, we will get the continuation of Oden’s flashback, the remaining Red Scabbard might follow Oden in the next chapter. Probably, Oda will cast some light on the character of Orochi and his origin.


One Piece CHapter 962
Oden Flashback

Orochi being Yasuie’s servant was also a great development and of course adds tragic context to Yasuie’s execution. Fans are waiting for the moment where he pulls off the whole usurper thing and how he got into touch with Kaido, to begin with.

Simotsuki Clan 

Fans believe that One Piece chapter 962 will reveal some important reveals about the Shimotsuki clan, especially now that the story has moved to Hakumai.

We don’t know what Oda is planning with Denjiro, but this chapter reveals that he’s a lot more important than the alliance’s limited efforts to find him would indicate. Oda will likely address that plot point soon considering we’re already in a flashback.


One Piece chapter 962 release date

Chapter 962 of One Piece manga is on a break next week. It is going to officially release on Nov 17th, 2019.

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