Boruto Chapter 40: Sasuke, Boro vs Team 7 and Kashin Koji

Chapter 39 revealed many things concurrently. We have Sasuke barely escaping Jigen and presumably being healed by Sakura right now, Naruto sealed away, Jigen returning to the base to recover from the fight himself, Kashin Koji going after Jigen, and of course, Shikamaru confronting Team 7 and Kawaki concerning Naruto’s disappearance. The best thing about this chapter and this arc as a whole is the sheer character growth of Kawaki, and seeing how much the village actually appreciates Naruto being their Hokage. Subscribe to our Reddit community for more latest Boruto Chapter 40 updates.

Boruto Chapter 40 prediction, speculation


Boruto manga 40
Naruto and Jigen


Kashin Koji plans to take out Jigen, he does look like a spy. A theorist over Reddit posted a theory and according to him, Kashin Koji is a part of the Hatake clan. Koji is a mystery and we all wish we knew who he was already, Or at least see what he looks like without the mask.

It seems that Kawaki finally bonded with Naruto for real and thanks to Naruto’s teaching Kawaki seems to bond with Team 7 as well, they are connected not only through chakra but now through emotions as well. As a result, Kawaki loathes Jigen even more which is kind of sad because we know that his body’s possession by Ishiki is certain.

Boruto Chapter 40: Sasuke, Boro vs Team 7 and Kashin Koji


Boruto 40
Boro- Kara Member

It looks like, Naruto probably won’t be rescued this quickly, because they may lose the fight, or maybe the thing Naruto is in can be moved. But if he does get rescued this quickly, then this is not what was foreshadowed by the time skip, meaning he might still actually die.

It was interesting to be back with Kawaki, Boruto, Sarada, and Mitsuki, especially after the last chapter. Sasuke’s situation is still unknown because Shikamaru specifically mentions that Sasuke hasn’t returned. Boruto Chapter 40 will be about Sasuke and what’s going on back at the village before they get into the Team 7 against Boro.

Naruto’s chakra suddenly coming back as being able to be sensed is a trap set by Boro for Sasuke. When Naruto was sealed, Kawaki’s arm fell off entirely, indicating that his chakra was cut off. For it suddenly to come back is strange since nothing else changed and Boro specifically mentions that he was waiting for Sasuke.


Boro vs Team 7 in Boruto Chapter 40

This fight against Boro will most likely establish the base power of Karma although it will get interrupted somehow. With a resonating Karma combo, Boro will be bound to get serious, therefore extending the plot by exposing the strength of another Kara member.

As AnimeFreak predicted, this fight against Boro in Boruto chapter 40 will not go well for Team 7. Which will inspire them to buckle down and train hard with the hope of rescuing Naruto and stopping Jigen for good? If what Jigen says is correct though then that might not be for the best. Given that Jigen can get to Kawaki at any time, Fans are not convinced that he’s going to go running after him yet. He might give both Kawaki and Boruto more time to develop.

Boruto Chapter 40 release date

The next chapter of Boruto manga is going to release on 20th November.